#575: Transform Your Life Through Self Love, Trusting Your Heart and Raising Your Self Worth with Roxy Saffaie

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Episode Summary

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… 

An overused line, but girl– you know it’s true. 

Roxy Saffaie joins the podcast to inspire you to continue betting on yourself through challenging times to become the best version of YOU. 

In today’s podcast, we cover how to step into your highest power, create an unbreakable connection with your authentic self, and work towards becoming a self-mastery extraordinaire like Roxy is today. 

We unravel the truth about journaling and teach you how to easily use it to Change. Your. Life. Seriously!

Listen now and get closer to stepping into your dream life of authenticity, confidence, and self-love.

Roxy Saffaie

Roxanne Saffaie is a Self-Mastery writer, speaker, mentor, and digital creator. She’s climbed to the top 1% in the highly competitive celebrity beauty industry– but her true mission is to empower women into Self-Mastery and absolute Self-Love, helping them thrive. Roxanne has gained the trust of her community because she lives what she teaches. Her work reminds you of your agency to create the life of your dreams, and that you can conquer all of your challenges.

In This Episode

  1. Roxy’s story and how she’s stepped into her own authenticity 
  2. How your authentic self creates a life of mastery and fulfillment
  3. Why some people tend to play small in their lives
  4. Tapping into our own worthiness– and saying “I’m worth it” 
  5. Using self-love to build confidence and reach your goals
  6. The transformative power of journaling 
  7. Stepping into your future self and the vision of your future 
  8. Common reasons people hold back from journaling

Resources Mentioned

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Queendom is a movement where every woman is her own queen, embracing a life of passion, purpose, and VISION. 

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