#271: Change Your Life by Cultivating More Self-Love and Self-Compassion with Kerry Tepedino

If You Want to Transform Your Life with More Self-Love You Should:

  1. Get clear on your vision and your big ‘why’
  2. Surround yourself with a tribe that will support you and bring you into tomorrow’s results
  3. Figure out what is holding you back from being the woman you want to be and take small daily steps to change that
  4. Learn the skills to transform your life again and again and again

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Episode Summary

I believe with my whole being that our transformation is waiting on the other side of self-love. My guest today, Kerry Tepedino, and I live in self-love every single day and credit it to the massive changes we have made in our lives both mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. By cultivating more self-love and self-compassion, you can radically change your life for the better and become the woman that you want to be in the world.

Creating a Life of True Happiness

Kerry Tepedino is a global leader in women’s personal development focusing on mindset mastery, emotional intelligence, and self-love. She supports women in challenging their self-defeating behaviors and overcoming past traumas and fears to create a life of true happiness rooted in self-love. Her programs have supported thousands of women in up-leveling their lives in all areas, including physical, mental, and emotional health, relationships, professional careers, finances, and more.

Getting Clear on Your ‘Why’

Over ten years ago, Kerry made a contract with herself to always go after her big ‘why.’ By getting clear on her vision, she has changed her life using self-love to reverse engineer what she wants out of life. Kerry has created the perfect formula for having the life you want and is here today to share the role of self-love in this formula.

By empowering yourself with the skills necessary to transform your life, again and again, you can feel confident in your ability to have your own back and course correct when you fall. Nobody’s life is perfect, but accepting and embracing self-love as part of your daily routine, you can create the perfect life for yourself.

Are You Ready to Have It All?

Kerry believes that if you stay stuck in yesterday’s decisions and conversations, you will never achieve tomorrow’s results. You are the common denominator between everything that is happening in your life, which is why you have to do the inner work through small daily steps in order to be in the driver’s seat of your life again.

What is the gap between where you are now and where you want to be? What is holding you back from becoming the woman you respect out in the world? By shifting your mindset, you can create an environment that works for you and take your life from ‘good’ to ‘extraordinary’.


“The key factor to turning my life around was self-love. And without that foundational piece, the foundation crumbles.” (12:34)

“If self-love isn’t there, then something else is going to be there. If it’s not self-love then what is it? Is it perfectionism? Procrastination? If it’s not self-love, is it overindulgence of the wine or the food or the sex or the shopping or recreational or medicated drugs? Whatever it is, what’s taking the place to make you feel good in that moment about yourself? (19:58)

“When we focus on us, everything naturally goes to the next level, our finances, our relationships, our physical health. Everything can go to the next level because we have upgraded who we are and that naturally impacts every aspect of our life.” (22:13)

“As I started to take good care of myself, I started to trust that I had my own back. And once I was able to trust myself that I had my own back, I started to build confidence up in myself, I started to allow myself to dream again, I started to believe that it could happen for me, and again it all started in the mind.” (29:47)

“Learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you learn that piece, you have nothing left to fear.” (32:39)

In This Episode

  • How Kerry manifested her new twins by cultivating self-love and being present (6:38)
  • Why you need to come back to your ‘sacred self’ in order to experience true transformation (19:02)
  • Tips for getting started when cultivating more self-love and self-compassion (23:00)
  • How the Sacred Self System can help you master your mindset and more (30:38)
  • Learn about the Women’s Total Transformational Summit and how it can help you sustain your transformation (34:17)

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Daily 5 Minute Self-Care Journal

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Kerry Tepedino Website

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