#6: Why Food Intolerance is the Real Cause of Weight Gain with JJ Virgin


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What We’re Talking About In This Episode!

  • How she realized the popular advice wasn’t working for her clients
  • The importance of simplicity and having your system set up
  • Success stories from people who have solved more than weight loss issues
  • Her opinions on snacking and fruit


Episode Summary:

If you’re struggling with weight loss resistance even though you’re following all the “rules” you keep hearing, food intolerances might be the culprit. In today’s episode, we talk to fitness and nutrition expert JJ Virgin about food intolerances and the myriad of symptoms they can cause, as well as how simple it is to fix.

JJ Virgin is a celebrity nutrition and fitness expert who helps eliminate food and carb intolerances to help transform your health and life. She appears on PBS, the Dr. Oz Show, Rachel Ray, Access Hollywood, and the Today Show. She also has four New York Times best-selling books, as well as the host of the popular JJ Virgin Lifestyle Podcast.

We talk about some of the common causes of food intolerances, as well as how to find out if you have one. We discuss the importance of gut health, and how losing weight is often as much about healing your body and reducing inflammation caused by intolerances as anything else. She emphasizes how simple it is to make the changes you need, and is giving us a free gift to make it as easy as possible for us!

Do you have brain fog, fatigue, bloating, or cravings regularly that you think might be caused by food intolerances? Are you struggling with weight loss resistance no matter what you try? Let us know in the comments!



“You look at all of these foods that I’m going to mention, and if you’re thinking “Oh my gosh that’s everything I eat,” you’re going to have the most amazing results. You should be jumping up and down if you’re eating any of these foods.” [12:27]

“It’s really simple when you set it up correctly.” [20:30]

“Most people have no idea how it feels to feel great.” [28:40]


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