#74: How to Rev Up Your Metabolism to Burn Fat Naturally with Dr. Brian Mowll

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • How to increase the amount of energy and fat you are burning throughout the day
  • Addressing the root cause of metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and diabetes
  • Debunking the myths surrounding metabolism speed, hormones, and exercise
  • Key hormonal indicators that may be causing your weight loss resistance
  • Understanding the intimate relationship between thyroid, cortisol, and insulin

Episode Summary:

After watching a client reverse her diabetes through diet and lifestyle changes, Dr. Brian Mowll realized there was a wealth of untapped knowledge surrounding the connection between our sugar levels, liver, and metabolism. Ever since this discovery, Dr. Mowll has been on a quest to bring this healing information to as many people as possible through his Sweet Life Diabetes Center and The Diabetes Coach website. Today Dr. Mowll is here to share how you can get past your difficult or sluggish metabolism with a healthy approach to getting better.

Do you want to learn how to rev up your metabolism so that you can burn fat naturally? Or maybe you are looking to reverse your diabetes and find natural ways to reduce your metabolic syndromes? Dr. Mowll has the answers, as he breaks down the science behind exactly how to balance your metabolism and provides us with lifestyle changes you can make immediately to improve your metabolic rate. Learn about the importance of protein consumption, hormone control, and exercise, key factors that may be causing your body to resist losing weight, and how to reframe how you think about your metabolism to make it work better for you.

Dr. Mowll is here to provide you with the tools to help you lose weight, get your body back to normal and gain a new outlook on life. By better understanding the relationship between blood sugar and metabolism, you can get out of the fog of the traditional health care system and start finding some real results. If you are ready to get your metabolism back on track, reverse your diabetes naturally, and have your body functioning at peak capacity, this episode is for you.

What lifestyle technique are you going to try and implement to get your metabolism back to work for your body? Let us know your metabolic game plan in the comments section.


“A good metabolism is often positioned as something you are either blessed with or cursed with, and I think that is not entirely true, there is much more to metabolism than meets the eye.” (6:54)

“How do we figure out how to lose weight? I think the answer is to be more in touch and in tune with our bodies.” (15:55)

“A lot of people get frustrated with exercise because they think it is the secret to losing weight, and they get frustrated to learn they don’t lose weight just by increasing their exercise. And the reason why is because the body wants to typically balance that equation.” (29:46)

“That 5 or 10 or 15 minutes of self-care, of grounding myself each morning, really sets my day off in the right direction and it really allows me to make better decisions throughout my day.” (40:42)

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