#87: How to Implement Self-Care Practices While Living a Hectic Life with Jennifer Iserloh

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Which questions to ask yourself to gain clarity on where you want to put your energy
  • How to use superfoods, adaptogenic foods, and spiritual practice to strengthen your soul
  • The importance of sleep, saying no and putting your spiritual energy above duty
  • Mindset and meditation practices you can implement to start the healing process
  • Learn where you want to put your energy and empower your mindset to say no

Episode Summary

Self-care seems to be all over social media these days, but how do you actually implement self-care when living a hectic life? Jennifer Iserloh is here to answer that exact question. A classically trained chef, emotional healer and author of 23 books, Jennifer has a passion for food and helps integrate that into self-care rituals so that you can lead a healthy vibrant lifestyle.

Jennifer is getting real and sharing her personal self-care rituals that you can make work for you no matter what. By recognizing the time and energy bandits in your relationships, basing your decisions off how you feel energetically, and figuring out your mindset goals for your body and emotions, you can become your own alchemist and heal what hurts the most.

Self-care is not a luxury, it is an essential tool to help you keep your life on track when you can’t make drastic changes. When you reassess how you take care of your body and set self-care boundaries that let go of the habits that are not serving you, every aspect of your life will improve.

Give yourself permission to pause, take a moment for yourself, and put into practice some of the great tips that Jennifer provides to find the correlation between your mindset, body, and emotions. Balancing self-care with a hectic life is possible, and you owe it to yourself to take care of you the best way you can.

How do you integrate self-care practices into your busy schedule? Share with us in the comments below!


“What is so important is that we take care of ourselves so that we have the energy to keep going, but also as a way to balance our mindset so we can get a little perspective in all the craziness.” (8:46)

“Please start saying no, please! And start doing the stuff you want to do.” (25:01)

“I’m understanding that the body will slow down to a degree, but if you treat it in the correct way you can still have good energy throughout the day, and that’s what’s important.” (33:46)

“True healing, because we are complex beings, it has to happen in the body, the soul or the emotional level, and in the mind.” (47:33)

Resources Mentioned

Just Eat Smarter Website

Skinny Chef Website

Jennifer Iserloh Website

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