Black Spruce Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Imagine yourself walking through a pine-scented forest. . . . the air is crisp and clean. You are breathing deeply and you can feel the cares of your day melting away. Close your eyes and stay there for a minute. Are you enjoying that break? Now, what if you didn’t have to just imagine that scent? Enter, Black Spruce essential oil.

This new offering from doTERRA can transport you to that northern forest or a happy Christmas memory with its piney, woodsy scent. But that’s not all this oil has to offer!


Black Spruce essential oil is steam-distilled from the blue-green needles and branches of Picea mariana trees. This oil is sustainably sourced from the forests of Canada where these tall, thin trees grow in abundance. Native Americans used Black Spruce for skin health and healing, as well as in their spiritual practices.

We now know that the constituents of Black Spruce make it a calming, soothing, and grounding oil. From respiratory support and relaxation to hormone balance and household cleaning, this oil has many uses. It will be indispensable in your home and routines!


From ancient Native American practices to the present, Black Spruce has held its space as a powerful skin cleanser. High in alpha-pinene and bornyl acetate, this essential oil can help to reduce redness and blemishes with its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help keep your youthful glow by preventing the formation of dark patches and soothing other irritations.

Dilute Black Spruce essential oil with your favorite carrier oil or add a drop to your daily moisturizer to harness these benefits. To pack an even stronger punch, try combining Black Spruce with Frankincense or Melaleuca (Tea Tree) essential oils to keep your skin healthy and glowing.


Black Spruce essential oil possesses a powerful ability to balance your emotions and calm your anxious mind. If you find your thoughts spinning out of control or are facing a difficult situation, apply some Black Spruce to the back of your neck and behind your ears and feel it soothe your worries. This is a great oil to reach for during your yoga or meditation practices to help ground you and promote deep, clear breathing. This will help you get the most out of your time.


With cold season upon us, we need all the respiratory support we can get. Black Spruce is a great oil to have in your arsenal to support your family’s breathing. It can help keep your airways clear and open, just like a walk through the crisp pine forests of the north (without the travel expenses to get there!). It blends beautifully with Eucalyptus and citrus oils like Wild Orange and Bergamot for a refreshing aroma that will keep you breathing easy. Add a couple drops of each to your diffuser and let it run as needed to clear the air and help you take a deep breath.


Diffusing Black Spruce will transport you to a place that will calm your mind and body. Research shows that bornyl acetate (one of its primary constituents) promotes calm and relaxation. It slows your body’s nervous system responses to make you feel at ease. After a stressful day, try blending Black Spruce with other relaxing oils like Lavender, Wild Orange, Vetiver, and/or Frankincense.

If your muscles took a beating due to a tough workout or just the busyness of life, Black Spruce essential oil is a cooling, relaxing oil to add to your favorite massage blend. Dilute it with a carrier oil and massage to feel the tension melt away. For an added punch, try adding some Wintergreen and Lavender to the mix.


I am so excited for you to begin using Black Spruce essential oil in your daily routines. One reason for this is because of its ability to provide hormone balance and calm the inflammation in your body that wreaks havoc on your cells.

The bornyl acetate makes up a significant proportion of Black Spruce essential oil. It helps your cells keep a healthy inflammatory response. This can keep them from going out of control and leading to even more issues.

Research also suggests that Black Spruce can stimulate healthy thyroid function and provide balance to your hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. This group of glands is the primary culprit for hormone chaos. So utilizing some Black Spruce topically along with other hormone powerhouses like Clary Sage, Jasmine, Lavender, Vetiver, and Ylang Ylang can help your body achieve homeostasis. Combine these oils with a carrier oil and apply to your wrists, ankles, and behind your ears to help your body rebalance.


You know I love my citrus oils! They are my go-to when it comes to my homemade cleaning products. But Black Spruce essential oil is a great one to throw into the mix because of its cleansing power and refreshing, earthy scent. Next time you stock up on your DIY household cleaners, add a couple drops of Black Spruce along with your regular citrus oils to add some excitement and an earthy balance to your products.

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