#560: How to Heal Wounds and Unwanted Patterns in Life and Love with Vienna Pharaon

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With the holidays approaching, almost all of us will share one thing in common– spending time with family. 

For some, family makes it the best time of year. But for a lot of others, family brings emotional triggers or unwanted feelings from the past. 

Family and Marriage therapist Vienna Pharaon joins me today to talk about how healing your wounds from the past creates space for healthier relationships to come. 

We discuss how old family dysfunctions can manifest in your adult behaviors in surprising ways. But don’t worry– she has a healing process to help you improve your relationships and your life!

So, listen now to discover how you can rewire your programming, look at your family systems, and heal any old wounds for good. 

Vienna Pharaon

Vienna Pharaon is a family and marriage therapist with over fifteen years in practice. She’s the founder and owner of the group practice, Mindful Marriage and Family Therapy. Pharaon has been featured in The Economist, Netflix, Vice, and Motherly. Her book The Origins of You is a National Bestseller, and she hosts the new podcast This Keeps Happening. 


  1. Vienna’s experience as a therapist and pivotal personal moments
  2. Navigating and nurturing relationships in family systems 
  3. Healing patterns of past wounds and pain for a better future 
  4. The 5 origin wounds that encompass the human experience
  5. Recognizing negative emotions and replacing them with curiosity 
  6. Tips for navigating feelings around unchanging relationships 
  7. Creating boundaries and safe spaces for yourself 
  8. More about Vienna’s book The Origins of You 


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This Keeps Happening Podcast


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