Proactive Detoxing For The Holidays

‘Tis the season…

For indulgence.

For temptation.

For stress. 

All things that lead to hormone imbalance!

In case you lost some willpower this Thanksgiving and let aromas from the kitchen entice you to indulge, know that you can always recover and prep yourself for the holiday gauntlet with some easy self-care detox solutions.  

If you don’t reset your body, you will head into the holidays at a hormonal disadvantage with your body behind and struggling to keep up.  Nobody needs that kind of baggage going into the season of giving and gratitude, so get your thankful on now to prep that bod.

It’s not easy, but the benefits to proactively detoxing your body – instead of after the copious  helpings of pumpkin pie and Christmas cookies inevitably bring on that brain fog and bloating – are immeasurable. Unfortunately the holiday season doesn’t represent one or even two days of overeating – but a snowball effect of unintentional overindulgence that lasts over two months! This means more appetizers, alcohol, and ultimately, more of the aftermath that lasts long after the family flies home.

By proactively setting realistic and attainable goals for yourself and keeping the benefits – more energy, more mental clarity, more loose-fitting clothing – front and center when the delectable dessert spread competes for your attention, you’ll be more likely to make and stick to healthier choices.

Here are five easy things you can do to reset and rebalance your body:

#1 – Sugar Ban

I know I say it all the time, but here it comes again – Ditch. The. Sugar.  

Even a week without sugar can help your body to recover from the onslaught of desserts and carbs that it experienced over Thanksgiving.  Even if you skipped the desserts and opted for wine or spirits, you still indulged in extra sugar and carbs.  Plus, a lot of us don’t know the hidden sugars that are lurking in our house.  And even more of us don’t know what it feels like for our bodies to NOT be dependent on its daily sugar boost.

Try this: For one week, promise yourself that you will either cut back or ban sugar entirely.  Research shows that no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day should be allowed in a woman’s diet.  6 teaspoons.  That’s it.  And with sugar lurking in just about everything on the shelf, you’ve got to be a label looker to sleuth out those hidden additions.

If saying no to sugar feels like a Herculean task, you might need some backup.

Crave Reset can help with balancing the neurotransmitters responsible for certain food cravings and promote weight management! 

#2 – Green Smoothies

Nothing fuels my day like a green smoothie!  I can pack tons of clean protein and energy into something easily sippable and power my way through the morning.  You won’t even believe how many servings of fresh veggies and fruits you can add, along with rehydrating your body.  Add in a scoop of clean protein powder for sustained energy and vitamins, and you will power your way into the day.

#3 – Drink Water

In a world of diet fads, hydration is terribly underrated.  Did you know that our bodies often mistake hunger for thirst?  Plus, it’s that easy to cut tablespoons of sugar out of your diet.  Carry your glass or stainless steel water bottle with you all day long for easy sipping and fill-ups.  You should be drinking 8-10 8-oz. glasses of water each day, which usually equates with 4-5 water bottles.  

Did you know that Grapefruit and Peppermint have been proven to curb cravings while simultaneously helping to flush toxins out of your body?  They add a tasty little zing with only a drop of essential oil, or you can amp up the flavor by adding slices of citrus, fresh mint leaves, or make some water infusions.

And when it comes to flushing toxins from your body, we can’t forget about magnesium. Magnesium is one of the best minerals for detoxification and stimulates cell activity so that toxins are released into the bloodstream and removed from the body. Add in this powerful mineral along with increased water intake and watch what a difference it makes! 

#4 – Protein Snacks  

Instead of the mid-morning or mid-afternoon trip to the vending machine, pack a handful of nuts, a nut butter packet, some seeds, or even tuna or low-sodium jerky.  Start with hydration and then fill up that belly for sustained energy with a high-protein gnosh.   You will avoid the crash-and-burn from sugary snacks and fuel your body with nutrition.  This is key to training your body, because it will get used to healthy, high-energy snacks at various points of the day.  Tuck the snacks in your purse so that it is ready to go whenever you need it!

#5 – Meal Swap

No, not swapping meals out for some sort of liquid nutrition.  I’m talking about changing one of your meals to something healthier and unprocessed.  A lot of sugar lurks in processed, on-the-go foods or in fast foods we get on the run.  Remember that whole foods are the best for sustained, healthy energy and for keeping your hormones and body fueled properly.  There are lots of healthy recipes available on the blog if you are looking for something new.  Or you could make a larger quantity of something and have your lunches prepared for the entire week!  

And there you have it. 

Five easy ways to help your body reset from the throes of indulgence.  Don’t forget to get your body moving with some exercise, use deep breathing to ward off stress, and get yourself to bed at a regular time each night. Self-Care Is Healthcare!

The key to hormone balance begins with loving your liver. The last thing you want to do this holiday season is neglect this super organ that keeps everything in your body functioning optimally.

And if you’ve had enough of the bloating and brain fog from all the holiday goodies that won’t stop calling your name, join me for a 14-day detox and wake up in two short weeks feeling clearer, happier, and healthier, with pants that button up a little (or a lot) easier, too! 

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