#36: Reboot Your Gut And Regain Your Health with Dr. Vincent Pedre

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • The importance of diet, nutrition and your gut health
  • How you can create immediate health results by fixing your gut
  • Why artificial sweeteners could be a serious risk to your whole body health
  • Ways that your gut health can impact your anxiety
  • The connection between gut health and how your hormones function
  • Nurturing the habit of focusing on starting with gratitude


Episode Summary:

You are in for a treat today, as I am joined by Dr. Vincent Pedre, my #1 go to gut health doctor in the world! Dr. Pedre created his Healthy Gut care program to help people create immediate health results by fixing their gut health. After suffering from digestive troubles as a child, Dr. Pedre broke free of standard medical treatment to help people understand the evolution of gut disease in our society, which really needs attention.

Happy Gut was born out of a huge need for people to understand their gut symptoms and how to heal them without harsh medications. Your gut health is the foundation for the rest of your body, so it is important to take care of your gut first. Gut health can be related to mental clarity, menstrual issues, allergies, and so much more.

By laying the groundwork around all the disruptions that could happen to your microbiome, you can better understand your ‘gut galaxy’. Dr. Pedre is sharing his 3-day gut reset program, how to approach eating, and why you should focus on finding a happy medium.

Has your gut impacted your health? Let us know your thoughts on Dr. Pedre’s tips for achieving total gut health in the comments below!



“And that’s what finally got me. I was always thinking, even though I was being a western trained doctor, that there was more out there, that there was a greater truth that I was seeking that I wasn’t being taught. And it wasn’t until I ran into functional medicine  that I found the answer to that truth.” (10:19)

“When you feel bloated, you are miserable. Your day is ruined if you feel like you are three months pregnant after eating. So this is a big big problem and unfortunately, especially in the US, because of the way our diet has been adulterated by pesticides and partially by genetically modified crop, and all the preservatives and additives that are put into our food has really messed with the gut flora.” (17:39)

“A lot of times people had chronic gut issues or just chronic health challenges. It’s very easy to let that become the center of your focus. And that can really bring you down. And I find the best way out of there is to start finding the little things, even if it’s the smallest thing that brings you happiness and gratitude and start to express those. And little by little as you do that its gonna grow and grow. So increasing positivity and decreasing stress hormones through gratitude is very important part of healing gut health and healing the body.” (25:08)

“That’s who I wrote my book for. For all those people out there who have been suffering in silence, whose lives have been affected, who aren’t even going out and being social because they don’t know what their gut is going to do. And then to be able to follow my plan and fix their gut and come to a new happy medium where they have their lives back.” (29:49)


Resources Mentioned:

Happy Gut Book

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Dr. Pedre’s Website

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