#554: The Little Known Connection Between Declining Hormones and Bone Loss Plus Tips How to Build Stronger Bones with Kevin Ellis

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Episode Summary

Osteoporosis or decreased bone strength isn’t only seen in the older demographic. It can happen at any age. 

Take Kevin Ellis for example. I’ve brought Kevin on the show today to discuss the importance of bone health, and how to prevent and address osteoporosis…

Because he was diagnosed with osteoporosis in his early thirties

So how do you take charge of your body and bone strength to best prevent this condition?

Now as a health coach for stronger bones, Kevin’s here to discuss the effects your lifestyle and hormonal changes can have on your bone health. He emphasizes the connection between gut health and bone health and offers ways that you can be proactive in protecting your bones. 

So tune into this must-listen podcast to gain valuable insights into maintaining and building bone strength through nutrition, exercise, and supplementation– so you can live a healthier and stronger life! 

Kevin Ellis

Kevin Ellis– known as Bone Coach™– is a Forbes-featured Integrative Health Coach, podcaster, YouTuber, and is the founder of BoneCoach.com. Through a unique 3-step process and a world-class coaching program called the Stronger Bones Solution™, he and his team have helped people with osteopenia and osteoporosis in over 1500+ cities around the world get confident in their stronger bones plan.

In This Episode

  1. Kevin’s journey into helping people with osteoporosis
  2. What is osteoporosis, and what should you look out for?
  3. What low bone density means, and how to strengthen bones  
  4. Causes and standard treatment protocols for osteoporosis 
  5. The connection between gut health and bone health
  6. The perfect diet for bone health, and what foods can help
  7. How exercise plays a role in bone health
  8. Misconceptions of osteoporosis and its treatment modalities

Resources Mentioned

Free Stronger Bones Masterclass

BoneCoach™ Website

BoneCoach™ Facebook | BoneCoach™ Instagram

BoneCoach™ Youtube | BoneCoach™ Podcast

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