#520: We can Harness Our Hormones and Their Super Powers To Optimize Our Health with Dr Nicky Keay

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Episode Summary

For most of our lives as women, we hear the word hormones and think of the negative impacts they have on us. It’s been drilled into our heads since a young age that women have hormones to deal with; they make us moody; we have to get a period every month; there are negative connotations around hormones and aging through menopause.

But what if we flipped this mindset around to recognize the amazing impact hormones can have on our lives once we learn how to truly optimize them? 

That’s what Dr. Nicky Keay is here to talk about today. She explains how our hormones can be our superpower and they can unlock our greatest potential. We just need to learn how to work with them. Although we’ve studied the body for years, we’re still just scratching the surface of studying the details of the female body specifically. 

It’s so important that women understand their own bodies. And to achieve optimal health and performance as a woman throughout our reproductive years into menopause, we need to be in tune with our biological rhythm. We deserve female-centric routines that work for our unique bodies to boost our metabolism, maintain our blood sugar, keep our stress hormones in check, and allow our brains to function at their best. 

Once we’re aware of how to optimize the hormones that regulate our energy, metabolism, and ovulatory cycle, we can truly start to feel amazing in our bodies. 

Dr. Nicky Keay is a cutting-edge doctor who’s making strides in women’s health research. And she’s here to share the tips she’s discovered through her extensive understanding of the endocrine system. Her newest book shares insight into how to unlock our human potential through our hormones, and the knowledge she offers is something you won’t want to miss.

So check out this podcast as soon as you can to learn about your body’s potential. We as women face so many challenges when it comes to maintaining hormonal balance– from our reproductive years into menopause! So recognizing how to optimize our health and understand our inherent biological rhythm will allow us to achieve– and maintain– our wellness goals.  

Listen now to unlock your potential and live your best life! 

Dr. Nicky Keay

Dr. Nicky Keay is a doctor, a graduate of Cambridge University, UK., and the author of “Health, Hormones and Human Potential: A Guide to Understanding Your Hormones to Optimise Your Health and Performance”. She’s an honorary clinical lecturer in the division of medicine at University College London. 

Dr. Nicky provides a more personalized approach to female hormone health. Her main clinical endocrine work is with athletes, dancers, and exercisers, focusing on Relative Energy Deficient in Sport (RED-S) and athletes navigating perimenopause and menopause. 

She authored the British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine (BASM) online resource– Health4Performance. She’s a medical advisor to the Scottish Ballet, and is a dancer herself– taking 4 ballet classes a week!


“Our choices have such a massive impact on our hormones and therefore our health.”

“On one hand, we have the obesity epidemic where people are not exercising enough and eating too much. But at the other end, I see a lot of women who are doing the other extreme. They’re doing so much exercise and they’re not fueling enough. So now the hormones are quite desperate.” 

“The hormones change as you age, but this is natural, normal physiology. So we have to embrace it!”

“We know how to support our metabolism and our stress hormones as we move through that process– despite all the things that we’re juggling at the same time. I think it’s that awareness that can really set us up for success.”

“We want to definitely encourage women to reach their full potential– but to remember that both mental and physical burnout can push the hormones so far. They will do their best to carry you and adapt, but there will be a point where it’s just too much.”

In This Episode

  1. Why are hormones so essential for our health?
  2. The importance of harnessing hormones as women 
  3. Challenges when it comes to female hormones 
  4. Key hormonal points during a woman’s life
  5. Why we need Vitamin D 
  6. Customized exercise and nutrition for optimal hormone function
  7. How sleep impacts hormone regulation 
  8. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) 
  9. Lifestyle choices to optimize hormonal health

Resources Mentioned

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Hormones, Health and Human Potential

Publisher Website for Hormones, Health and Human Potential 

Health 4 Performance Dr. Nicky Keay’s Website  | Nicky Keay’s Instagram

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