Why You Need To Detox Your Hormones

If you haven’t taken a moment to appreciate how amazing your body is, I get it, because a lot of the time it doesn’t feel very magnificent. All of the amazing things that your body does each day gets overshadowed by the onslaught of life…especially stress.

Our modern world lends to more than just feeling overworked and stressed. We are also exposed to daily toxins that wreak havoc on our body.  Each day we accumulate so much junk emotionally, chemically and physically.

This leaves our endocrine system especially vulnerable to toxins in our cleaning products, over-the-counter drugs, and even personal care products. The average woman is exposed to over 100 toxic chemicals each day. This has a very negative impact on your reproductive and metabolic hormones.   

These persistent toxins can stay in your body for years, slowly creating damage that affects your sleep, energy, and brain function and even causes weight gain.  It’s no wonder you can’t lose weight, even when you are doing everything right.

And the solution to these mounting issues is to give your hormones a detox. 

Detoxing your body and hormones is an absolute must and it’s the one area that gets overlooked by most doctors. Detoxing means cleaning out the body, removing toxins, cleaning out your junked up hormone receptor sites, and resetting metabolic and reproductive hormones.

We clean our home, we even put Drano in our drains, we declutter our desks…all so that things flow smoothly and our space and our minds can perform optimally.

So why wouldn’t we remove the gunk from our hormonal systems that build up from chemicals in our food, endocrine disruptors in plastics and heavy metals in our environment?

Given the environment we are exposed to each day, I recommend that everyone does a detox for at least 14 days, a couple times a year.  Women who complete my 14-Day Hormone Detox literally flip the switch towards healing in just a matter of 2 weeks. It jumpstarts their journey to weight loss, increased energy, improved sleep, and so much more! 

Before I dive into the big reasons to detoxify, I realize that the idea of “detox” has gotten a bad fad rap, and there are some dangers out there if you don’t realize what your body truly needs.  When you properly detox, you eliminate toxic build up in your digestive system and arteries and you neutralize toxic substance that may be impairing your liver, kidneys, bowels and many other critical organs to function properly.

The big reason you need to detox? 

You detox because your body needs a reset before it can begin to heal itself. Detoxing helps you maintain cellular longevity, happily functioning hormones, and critical cellular communication between your hormones and their receptor sites.

How can you expect your body to keep doing what it is meant to do when it is fighting a side-war against built up toxins?

And because we women do whatever it takes to be and do all the things for all the people at the expense of ourselves and our hormones, we are left with a whole host of symptoms. These are due to hormonal imbalance caused by toxins causing our bodies to compensate:  fatigue, brain fog, belly fat, insatiable appetite, cravings, aching joints, insomnia, decreased libido, skin issues, mood swings, anxiety, depression…and the list goes on and on.

These common health concerns have major implications on our hormones and our bodies. We need to detox our hormones and hormone pathways so that our bodies can effectively reset and function the way that they were meant to be.

Let’s dig under the surface and look scientifically at the top 7 benefits of detoxing your hormones:


Your liver’s main job is to filter out toxins and excrete them from your body.  But guess what happens when hormonal levels are out of whack and your body begins throwing excess at the liver?  It simply cannot keep up. When your liver is sluggish and can’t properly break down hormone metabolites, you may experience low energy, heavy menstrual periods, fibrocystic breast and mood swings.   

When you detox your hormones, you allow your levels to reset naturally, and allow the liver to get back to doing its primary job – to help keep your body clean.  It gives your body back the extra time and energy it has been spending trying to sort through the slurry of excess and has some pretty amazing results – your skin gets clearer, your energy returns, your bowel movements become regular, and your mood improves.  

Even something as simple as drinking only water can make a huge difference in a number of areas in your life, as it will help your body to naturally flush out toxins while stabilizing blood sugar and warding off frequent cravings. 

The body often thinks it is hungry when it is actually thirsty! Whenever someone wants to detox but is scared to try, I always suggest starting with a simple switch, like drinking only water or water infusions. You will be amazed at how quickly you notice a difference.  And all of those added calories from high-sugar, caffeinated, toxic drinks will help you lose some pounds in the process!


Most people don’t realize that your metabolism and weight are controlled by hormones, and stress affects hormones as well.  Rather than set yourself up for failure with another deprivation diet, you need to reset key stress and metabolic hormones to get them on a fair playing field.

Dieting isn’t the answer.  When we deprive our bodies of food, it jumps into conservation mode, storing fat and stressing out because it doesn’t know when it will get its next meal.  That’s where the hormone ghrelin comes into play. Deprivation increases ghrelin levels, telling your body that you are still hungry. When you add stress into this equation, your cortisol levels tell your body that its entire world is in danger and prepares for the worst.  That is why we overeat or binge because your body sees food and thinks it may never have another meal again. It stores that fat around your middle for future fuel, and — voila! — belly fat.

Adding fuel to this fire is the scientific fact that all calories are not created equal.  Those calories that you get from sugar and carbs bring added danger to your situations. Addiction jumps to the forefront while your body craves more and more, leading you to binge.  This sets off the insulin train, causing your body to compensate on another front and leaving you with inexplicable inflammation and the inability to feel full. And guess what drives all of these?  Metabolic hormones!

And with numerous research studies linking increased belly fat with heart disease, cancer, and other serious health risks, it is time to get serious about decreasing your waistline.  It can dramatically decrease your risk in one fell swoop.

The beauty of a detox is that your body doesn’t get the nasty calories.  You feed your body only good, clean nutrition as fuel without withholding calories…and guess what will happen?  You’ll lose weight. Without trying to lose weight. And you won’t crave the crap anymore.

I know it can be overwhelming to try to meal plan and prepare nutritious food that fuels your body. That’s why I created my 14-Day Detox program (learn more here). I will personally walk you through meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes formulated for your success so you won’t be left guessing what you can and can’t eat!


No matter what society leads us to believe, the science is hardcore on this point – stress is not fuel.  It has detrimental effects on your system when it reaches chronic levels. Our bodies weren’t meant to handle the 21st-century-constant levels of stress that the world throws at us daily.  This is the biggest hormonal imbalance that we all deal with – cortisol.

Cortisol essentially is your survival hormone that kicks your body into action to either flee from danger or fight it off. But today’s world isn’t so simple, and our complicated stressors often leave us drowning in excess cortisol because we don’t take the time to shut down the stress.  We let it linger, and our body suffers because of it.

The problem is that it manifests like other common issues for women – anxiety, depression, or menopause.  Its symptoms – weight gain, mood swings, fatigue, etc. – cause doctors to quickly label it as a simple problem and throw some prescriptions at it, which will not solve the underlying problem – stress.  It is easy to assume that all of these symptoms are stand-alone, but in actuality, they are so intricately interrelated and all tie back to cortisol.

Self-care rituals are a cornerstone of my 14-Day Detox program because when you take time to give your body the self-care that it needs (especially when you employ solutions like deep breathing and support with high-quality essential oils) you allow it to detox and reset back into normal levels.  Elevated cortisol levels are often the tip of the iceberg, causing all of your systems to react in a domino effect, so it’s time to get a handle on that stress.


Fatigue.  It keeps the best of us from doing all the things that we want to in life, but when it is exacerbated by brain fog, insomnia, and other symptoms of hormone imbalance, it stops you dead in your tracks.  Environmental toxins can also contribute to this problem, especially the increased quantities of xenoestrogens lurking in everything from personal care products to foods to even cash register receipts.

Caffeine, supplements, trips to the gym, energy drinks…none of these address the problem of hormonal balance.  Instead, they only serve to put the symptoms in the backseat so that you can carry on. Focusing on how to fuel your body properly, keeping it moving, and getting it enough rest is paramount on the road to reset.

Instead of just telling you what you can’t have, my hormone detox also adds in the positive: healthy foods, rituals, and practices to kickstart your healing. As a byproduct of this rest, you get your energy back — without the nasty added boosters!

It’s not a matter of self-control; it’s a matter of self-care.  Sure, with age comes certain issues, but when we work on removing the stress and the toxins in your life, you begin to deal with normal symptoms of aging rather than dramatic levels fueled by hormonal imbalance.  


Did you know that scientists call your gut the “second brain”?  Recent studies have confirmed that the gut carries tons of messages north to your brain as well as containing over 30 neurotransmitters.  And how about 95% of your serotonin being produced in your gut as well? Gives a new meaning to the phrase “gut feeling,” doesn’t it?

It is time that we take those gut feelings into account and realize that gut health influences more than just digestion.  Our mood, fueled by hormones, heavily relies on the gut for balance.

Now think about all the stress you cause your gut when you use junk as fuel in addition to allowing cortisol and adrenaline to keep it in a state of distress.  Your digestive system shuts down when cortisol gets too high, because who can eat when you’re trying to defend your life? And in marches a litany of digestive distress that adds to the laundry list of our symptoms.

By giving your hormones a chance to reset with my 14-Day Hormone Detox, you will also be resetting your microbiome.  And, boy, will your gut thank you! As embarrassing as it may be, you might have your first normal bowel movement in years when you give your gut a hormonal reset.  Simple changes like chewing and enjoying your food, choosing whole foods, tracking what we eat, and avoiding processed sugars pave the way for a healthy digestive life.  Support your gut even more with high-quality essential oils, and you will be amazed at the turn around your entire body feels.

Even more, your clarity and focus will return.  Your anxiety levels will decrease. The brain fog will lift.  You will feel more like you again. Hormones play into all of this, but the misconception is that it is a female thing.  It isn’t. Get back to you again by balancing those hormones!


All those aches and pains that you associate with aging may be just a symptom of your hormonal imbalance.  If your joints are creaking and you are aching, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are just transitioning to being a cane-toting old woman.  Girl, please! High levels of hormones like cortisol coupled with low levels of anti-inflammatory hormones like progesterone keep your body in the jungle.  And when we try to fuel our bodies with excess sugars, our body reacts the only way that it knows how – upping the insulin production to manage the tidal wave of sugar.  

And guess what?  Inflammation is a by-product.  Our bodies begin to become resistant to insulin, and this sets off a domino effect all of its own, because insulin also helps with sex hormones, cholesterol, preventing cancer, and a whole host of other metabolic functions like I mentioned before.

The principles I walk you through in my Hormone Detox will help you fuel your metabolism with healthy, whole foods that serve your health rather than work against your body. Your body will thank you for it. It will help to rebalance where your body directs its energy, allowing ghrelin levels to signal you are full, while leptin levels can start working normally rather than thinking your body may never eat again.  Energy gets replenished when all of these hormones are able to manage the fuel-to-energy function properly instead of being distracted by increased insulin from too much sugar, storing fat because of caloric deprivation from dieting, or decreased digestion from elevated cortisol levels.

And all of a sudden, you’ve got your energy back!


Loss of sex hormones naturally causes the aging process in our bodies, but many of us don’t realize the danger we are causing when our hormones aren’t balanced.  If your body doesn’t have the proper estrogen levels that it needs, it may lead to premature aging…and nobody wants that! Detoxing your hormones and giving your body a reset allows the cells to reset as well and get the nourishment and hormonal support that they need.  When you continue to support your body with proper nutrition, rest, stress management, and movement, your cells thrive, allowing their normal processes to work the way they were intended.

You aren’t getting any younger, but you are most definitely gaining wisdom.  And with wisdom comes the realization that your best years are right now, so you might as well feel comfortable in your own skin.  Plus, the longer you wait to give your body some love, the more complicated the problem will become and the more difficult it will be to get you back on track.  Rather than spending time on things that only address one symptom at a time, only work to solve one issue, or that will ultimately set you up for increased failure, get to the root of the problem – your hormones. When you take the time to reset your hormones, it won’t take long for you to start feeling better. Imagine your life with increased energy, mental clarity, peace, and happiness.


One imbalanced hormone can create a domino effect within the body, as it struggles to compensate and keep things functioning.  Imagine what happens when the body isn’t able to keep up anymore…or when more than one hormone level is out of range.

The goal here is to reverse the domino effect – let’s get hormones to reset to normal levels and then see how the body falls back in line when things begin to function normally.  Because if you don’t, it is like digging through a swamp trying to locate the key to your troubles.


What makes my 14-Day Hormone Detox program different comes down to focusing on the hormone trifecta – food elimination, self-care with essential oils, and supplementation.  These three together help you to effectively reset your hormones, which, in turn, sets off the reverse domino effect.

As one system heals, so does the next, and the peripheral effects from this unique program become major bonuses – weight loss, restful sleep, increased energy, reduced inflammation and more focus and concentration.  The hormone-loving foods, self-care rituals, liver and gut reset protocols and supplementation will help you keep your body in balance long-term.

Women are constantly telling me they wake with more energy and focus and joy during and after the detox that they turn it into a lifestyle, and that is just what I want for you.

Your symptoms are your body’s way of crying out for a reset. Don’t write them off as being “normal” for your stage of life or something you just need to suffer through. It’s time to dial in and listen to yourself and take the steps to heal your body naturally. My 14-Day Detox program may just be the turning point in your healing journey. It already has been for thousands of women, including myself!

You deserve to live your best life, and the tools I walk you through in the detox will help you do that with ease and grace. 

If you are ready to finally crush your cravings, increase your energy, and decrease inflammation even if you are not exactly sure what is going on in your body click here to check out the 14-Day Hormone Detox and find out why it may be the turning point to getting your body and hormones back on track. 

Check Out My 14-Day Hormone Detox

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