#101: The Real Root Causes of Hormone Dysfunction with Vivica Menegaz

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Breaking the chain between hormones and nutrition to heal your symptoms
  • Dismissing the misconceptions around what is normal in women’s health
  • Learn the true superfoods of the world and how to harness them
  • How to modify ketosis to fit your individual lifestyle needs in a healthy way
  • The importance of finding the motivation to change before you become desperate

Episode Summary

In order for you to truly heal and maintain sustainable health, you must nourish your body by feeding it real food that it can put to work to rebuild your organs and glands. Vivica Menegaz has been managing her health naturally since her childhood growing up on the coast of Italy. After struggling with her own health struggles she realized the connection between these common hormonal issues and decided to take her knowledge to the masses.

It takes an understanding of your physiological and energetic stressors, the willingness to accept a new mindset and lifestyle, and the ability to stop denying your intuition, but with a little hard work, anything is possible. This information-packed episode is your guide to creating your own unique hormone profile and getting to the root cause of your hormone issues once and for all.

Vivica believes in using all of the tools of nutrition, including ketosis and paleo, to create a holistic picture of healing for each specific person which can truly create miracles even in the most difficult of cases. It is definitely possible to do keto wrong in a lot of different ways, so Vivica is here to provide the resources to help you harness the powers of ketosis without obsessing over calories and diet rules. Plus, learn ways to approach your mindset, patterns of self-sabotaging, and more.

Food is the best medicine that we have, so why not leverage its power to naturally heal yourself and start living the life you deserve? Share how you use food to approach your healing in the comments below.


“When I found the ketogenic diet I really fell in love with this tool because I thought it was an immensely valuable tool to restore and repair metabolism.” (13:45)

“The physical stressors are real, they are present. But what enabled the body to take them in? What pretty much told our body to take on those toxins is the emotional toxins and the mindset.” (25:36)

“With the right mindset, there are ways of doing keto where you can still have all the benefits of ketosis without having to necessarily obsess about it or make it all about the macros.” (28:00)

“Reclaiming our intuition that something is not right in our body is going to be the best thing that we can do to listen to that voice that knows when things are off.” (49:42)

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