#102: Why Brushing Your Teeth Is Hazardous To Your Health with Trina Felber

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • How to heal your digestive microbiome through your oral health
  • Using bad breath and sensitivity as markers for a healthy mouth microbiome
  • Understanding what ingredients you need for optimal oral health and wellness
  • Tools to create an alkaline environment to repair your enamel and minerals
  • What sets Dirty Mouth Toothpowder apart from other natural toothpaste

Episode Summary

Likely you’ve heard about the importance of creating a healthy microbiome inside of our guts, but what about your mouth? Your mouth is the gatekeeper to the rest of your internal health, which is why it is essential to create a healthy mouth microbiome. After 25 years as a registered nurse, Trina Felber realized the products we’re using in our mouths are sabotaging our health without us even realizing, and set out to help others avoid toxic products and create a healthy mouth.

It may sound crazy, but brushing your teeth could be hazardous to your health. It is all about using the right products to create a healthy mouth that can impact your overall health. Today Trina geeks out over the science behind brushing our teeth, why the products you are using could be doing more harm than good, and explains what two things you should be looking for when finding a product to assist your saliva in cleaning your teeth.

A healthy mouth microbiome can lead to reduced inflammation, healed digestive issues, and an overall sense of feeling well. The environment created in your mouth is the first indicator of your total body health and an incredibly important aspect of the way you live your life.

Are you ready to biohack your dental health and fix your microbiome from the source? Share what you learned on this information filled episode in the comments below!


“If you can save the enamel and prevent the bacteria that causes gingivitis, it is a game changer for your health.” (10:57)

“The ADA has us all convinced, and so does every dentist, that you have to brush your teeth to clean them, and that’s completely false. If you have healthy microbiome inside of your mouth and you make good saliva… after you eat your saliva washes away the food and cleans your teeth.” (20:35)

“We are so programmed to be sick inside our mouth and expect wellness inside our body when we don’t have the start of the immune system, this is our armor inside of our mouth.” (32:17)

“It’s because we have been brainwashed for so long to believe what we are using is helping us, when it is actually creating cavities, gingivitis, heart disease and internal disasters of your health.” (44:01)

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