#100: Why Food Is Key to Balancing Your Hormones Plus How to Treat Key Nutrient Deficiencies

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Key foods that will balance your hormones naturally
  • Why nutrient deficiencies may be the root cause to hormone imbalance
  • My top nutrients for thyroid, PMS and fatigue
  • Which green smoothie you should be drinking to support your liver
  • How to begin to balance your hormones naturally with food
  • Keeping your hormones supported during times of fluctuation with nutritional tools

Episode Summary

Today is a MAJOR milestone that I am so excited to celebrate with you.

This is the 100th episode on the Essentially You podcast and we have officially reached 500,000 downloads!

My heart swells with so much gratitude for having you a part of this women’s health journey. When I came up with the idea to create this podcast, I had you in mind.

I am committed more than ever to give you what you want and need on this podcast. Since February this year, I have spoken with thousands of women and listened to their stories.

It breaks my heart to hear that women are being dismissed and told that they will have to simply live with their symptoms.

Your symptoms are valid and I’m here to advocate for you on your hormone journey.

How does food influence your life? It’s hard to comprehend just how much food impacts everything that we do from social events to nights at home. However food is also medicine, and it is one of the most important ways that you can impact your hormone health, energy levels, and overall well-being.

Today I break down the Top 10 ways to leverage food to rebalance your body, reset your hormones and feel functionally better over time, because who doesn’t want that? When you know how to eat for your body, take care of yourself and use essential oils properly, you can turn your symptoms around and heal your body on a cellular level.

Join me on this milestone episode to learn what foods can help your hormone health and address some key nutrient deficiencies you might not even know you have. Learn easy rituals to jump-start your digestive system, which foods you should be eating to metabolize fat and increase your energy, and how to fuel your gut with good bacteria and nutritional supplements to fix the root causes of your issues.

Food and self-care can turn your life around, and when you learn what is going on with your body you can find the best approach to help. Are you ready to protect and support your hormones through nutritional and delicious natural remedies? Share your favorite tip from this episode in the comments below!


“Self-care is a non-negotiable, practically it’s necessary for survival.” (4:54)

“In my research, I discovered a trifecta for losing stubborn weight, boosting energy and focus and getting deep restful sleep so your body can recover.” (9:23)

“Now its no surprise that nutrient deficiencies are a root cause of disease in the body, especially when it comes to our chemical messengers, aka our hormones.” (25:26)

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  1. Catherine Diwa June 19, 2019 at 1:26 pm #

    Hi! What brand of digestive enzymes do you use?

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