#114: 14 Days to Jump Start Your Hormones Naturally

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • An exact blueprint for setting yourself up for success and detoxing your hormones
  • The three major unexpected hormones that create internal chaos
  • How snacking could be sabotaging your hormones and metabolism
  • Using essential oils to set yourself up for healing success
  • The roles of stress, mindset, and self-care tools in healing your body

Episode Summary

Have you noticed some new stubborn weight gain that you can’t explain? Can you simply not shake it, no matter what you try?

Stubborn weight is often the symptom of something bigger. Usually it results from one of six root causes related to your hormones and inflammation levels. Today I am diving into these root causes and the simple ways that you can detox your body with my 14-Day Hormone Weight Loss Detox

I know the struggle of hormonal and metabolic issues firsthand, which is why I created the 14-Day Hormone Detox to help you find the root causes of your symptoms and reverse the domino effect. We are all busy women, so I have created easy ways to reset your hormones, reduce inflammation and jump-start your metabolism. 

In this episode, I am detailing how to get started on your 14-day hormone detox protocol and providing you with tips to create success so that you can get back to the body you know and love. You are not alone in your struggles, and by recognizing what is causing your symptoms, you can fix what is going on in your body for good.

Are you ready to try the 14-Day Hormone Weight Loss Detox and address your gut, liver and cellular health? Share your results in the comments below!


“Weight resistance is a byproduct of inflammation in the body. The question we need to be asking ourselves is, ‘What is causing the inflammation?’” (3:25)

“By sharing these episodes with women that you love, with people that you want to connect with, this is how we step into our power, this is how we become the CEO of our health.” (9:57)

“The best way to get your hormones back on track, to reduce inflammation and to lose that stubborn weight, is to correct the hormonal imbalances with how you eat, move, create rituals and utilize essential oils and supplements.” (18:54)

“I remember crying tears of relief that I had cracked the code to my illness and I was on that road towards healing. And I want that for you too.” (21:36)

“It’s this lifestyle that I am actively living each day that has made such a powerful impact on my health. How could I not share it with you?” (31:43)

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