#139: Eat to Beat Illness with Dr. Rupy Aujla

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Specific foods that you should be including in your diet to support your gut microbiome
  • How to have fun with healthy food on an accessible and cost-effective basis
  • Explore the power of herbs and spices and the health benefits they can have
  • Why inflammation is an important part of the body and how to balance it properly
  • Ways to support your bodies innate ability to look after itself through food

Episode Summary

Dr. Rupy Aujla is living proof of the power of lifestyle and dietary changes when facing an illness. Instead of promoting bland food that makes you rethink your healthy diet, Dr. Rupy preaches flavor as well as function to help you beat illness with foods that you love to eat. 

By making healthy food more accessible, Dr. Rupy is helping people all over the world deliciously enjoy their healthy lifestyles and educate people on the power of cooking. Through the incorporation of recipes from all over the world, Dr. Rupy ensures that you will never get bored and helps you enjoy foods that make you healthy while also tasting good.

Dr. Rupy is here today to highlight the most important aspects of food and how it impacts your immune system, inflammation, and more. By eating in a way that is good for your heart health, brain health and immune system, you can use food to beat illness by preventing it from starting in the first place. 

If you are looking to gain an appreciation for how nutritional science works, how your body works and ways to take advantage of the simple solutions that are out there, you too can use food to heal your body in an accessible and exciting way.

Which of Dr. Rupy’s exciting recipes is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!


“To my amazement and the amazement of my cardiologist, I came off all medications and I haven’t had episodes since. So that was really my introduction into the power of food as medicine and the power of lifestyle as medicine.” (7:41)

“There is so much that we can learn from each other as well as individually, and it is that kind of common respect that I think is so powerful.” (11:41)

“When you get the basics right, your body has the ability to look after itself.” (15:18)

“We know that defining your eating windows may have some benefits for inflammation and resting your digestive system that could impact favorably your health outcomes and your genetic expression as well.” (27:56)

“Sometimes people think that meditation or mindfulness practice needs to be removing all of your thoughts, but actually sometimes it’s just being aware and observing the fact that you are having a ton of thoughts and then annotating your day in accordance with that.” (29:42)

Resources Mentioned

Dr. Rupy Website

Eat to Beat Illness by Dr. Rupy Aujla

The Doctor’s Kitchen by Dr. Rupy Aujla

Culinary Medicine UK 

The Essential Oil Hormone Solution by Dr. Mariza

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One Response to #139: Eat to Beat Illness with Dr. Rupy Aujla

  1. Becky November 1, 2019 at 8:10 am #

    I loved this podcast. Most of us In the U.S. have yet to figure out that it is largely our Standard American Diet (SAD) that is responsible for all of our chronic and autoimmune illnesses that have become so prevalent. My one concern though, and maybe I just missed it, but I did not hear one mention of fruit. Fruit is also high in fiber and all the nutrients that our bodies need to help keep us well and functioning properly.

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