2019 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Anybody else struggling this year to figure out the best gifts for everyone on your list? I know it can just feel like one more thing you have to do in this already busy season.

So I’m going to make it easy on you!

Today I’m sharing my healthy holiday gift guide, a roundup of my favorite products. You can get these for anyone on your list to not only show them how much you love and appreciate them, but also to gift them health for the coming year.


This is the book for every woman on your list this holiday season. With self-care guides, essential oil blends, delicious recipes, my 14-day plan to jumpstart hormone health, and so much more, this book can transform your life and health in the coming year!

So many women have rediscovered their health thanks to this book. And that is the best gift you can give this year!

>> Get The Essential Oils Hormone Solution Here.


These are some of my favorite products to use on my skin! There’s nothing artificial or harsh, and they really do work to give you beautiful, glowing skin.

Right now, Annmarie is running a special promotion where you can get an entire 7-day sample kit (with her Anti-Aging Oil and Serum, Aloe Herb Cleanser, and Kaolin Micro exfoliant) for only $9.99 (with free shipping)! It is guaranteed to give you radiant skin despite the wintery weather!

>> Gift Beauty and Healthy Skin this Holiday with Annmarie’s 7 Day Sample Kit.


Laundry is a reality for everyone. Thanks to MyGreenFills, you have an alternative to the toxic ingredients in conventional laundry products! You can get their Stocking Stuffer package of 5 travel size products for 40% off.

The MyGreenFills stocking stuffer is a collection of some of my favorite products — they really do work! And this is a gift that will keep on giving. MyGreenFills is donating 100% of their proceeds to charities to help free and empower women around the world!

>> Gift MyGreenFills Stocking Stuffers and Help Free Oppressed Women.


What better way to start the new year than with the tools you need to reset your hormones?

I have crafted this hormone kit to provide you with everything you need to kickstart your hormone health. With powerful essential oils and supplements, it is sure to make a difference in your life (or your mom’s, or sister’s, or friend’s…. you get the picture).

AND this month only, when you purchase my Hormone Rescue Kit, you will get a FREE 15 ml Frankincense essential oil ($90 Value). This powerhouse “King of Oils” is the PERFECT complement to the hormone kit to give your body the boost it needs!

>> Gift the Women’s Hormone Kit and Get FREE Frankincense!


Bone broth is a superfood that everyone could benefit from! I know it can be time-consuming to make yourself, so Kettle and Fire has you covered. They use only wholesome ingredients without any added junk to give your body the boost it needs.

Bone broth is one of my favorite ways to support my gut, hormones, and overall health all year long, and it is an important part of my hormone reset program! Use code HAPPYHOLIDAYS to get 15% off your order!

>> Gift Bone Broth for Whole-Body Support.


Are you looking for a healthy wine to bring to your next holiday party?

Look no further than Dry Farm Wines! With all-natural, low-sugar, pure wines without any additives, this is going to be a delicious addition to any gathering! I love that I can still enjoy wine without compromising my health.

>> Gift Dry Farm Wines.


Is vaginal dryness and painful sex keeping you from enjoying intimacy? Are embarrassing leaks keeping you from doing things you love? You are not alone, and you don’t have to just live with it!

My dear friend and world-renowned gynecologist Dr. Anna Cabeca created Julva to rejuvenate your “down there” parts and restore excitement and passion in your life.

>> Gift Intimacy and Passion with Julva.


You probably know by now how much I LOVE my matcha. Packed with powerful antioxidants and sexy polyphenols, this beverage can boost your metabolism, burn calories, relax your mind and body, improve cognitive function, support your organs to prevent chronic disease, and keep cholesterol and blood sugar levels under control.

Ujido matcha is a great, pure option to enjoy this tasty superfood! Use code DRMARIZA for 10% off non-sale items.

>> Gift Health with Delicious Ujido Matcha Green Tea Powder


Self-care rituals are so important to your health, and this is one of my favorites. I really don’t know what my life would look like without Speed Dial the Universe!

With 6-step, 10-minute daily prompts, this journal will set up your mindset to conquer the rest of your day.

>> Gift Self-Care with Speed Dial the Universe


Looking for a gift for the tea lover on your list? Here’s the answer! Pique teas aid gut health, improve immune function, keep you energized, help you sleep, reduce stress, boost weight loss, and promote clear skin.

Their wide assortment of flavors and varieties offers something for everyone!

>> Gift Pique Tea to Promote Health.


Hydration is so important to maintaining your overall health. Unfortunately, most of us can’t predict what toxins or additives may be in our water supply. That’s where Berkey comes in!

With filters and accessories to meet every need, Berkey’s water purifying systems will help you stay hydrated and healthy in the coming year! They are running some FANTASTIC sales on some of their bundles right now, so this is a great time to get and gift a Berkey water system!

>> Gift Healthy Hydration with Berkey Water Filters.

Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Care

Were you able to find something for all the people on your list? Don’t forget to give yourself a gift too: self-care! If you are ready to get started, I have created the perfect Self-Care Wellness Ritual Guide with my favorite recipes. Download it and get started on your journey to a more successful you with self-care routines!

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