#157: How to Take the First Step in Transforming Your Health and Life with Adam and Vanessa Lambert

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Strategies to help you tackle the fear and difficulty of the unknown 
  • How to set yourself up for success in the new year through small steps every day
  • Why you need to give yourself a break, stay focused and take the first step
  • The easiest place to start when making a change for the better
  • The importance of community when presenting your highest potential 

Episode Summary

Despite what you may have heard, you don’t have to overhaul your lifestyle to gain more energy, balance your hormones and heal your gut. You can accomplish big transformation through little changes, and Vanessa and Adam Lambert are here to explain how. The creators of Bee the Wellness, Vanessa and Adam are dedicated to creating transformation through adventure, personalized diets, functional fitness, and mindful fearless living. 

Vanessa and Adam want you to cultivate an environment and community that can hold you at the possibility of your highest potential so that you can make the changes that you want to see happen in the new year. Today they are here to share some amazing tools and resources to help make your transformation possible at any level. 

While we are often afraid of the unknown, Vanessa and Adam are here to encourage you to step into growth, gain control over your time and energy, focus on one habit at a time and take the leap to find the change you have been searching for. 

Real-life can often bubble up and zap your strength and ability to stick to something hard. Vanessa and Adam are here to help you audit your life, get clear on your goals, and find ways to create progressive habits that allow you to evolve and better yourself as you go.

Are you ready to take the first step towards transformation? Share your goals for the new year with us in the comments below!


“You can choose to be subject to your circumstances or you can choose to dictate your circumstances.” (9:39) – Adam

“No matter what, if you step out of your comfort zone and into the discomfort of growth one more time, I have never looked back and said ‘man I should have stayed there.’” (15:31) – Adam

“You kind of have this idea about more and more being better and better, and I think for us and this year particularly, we are really stepping into staying yes powerfully, and really saying no powerfully as well.” (23:33) – Vanessa

“It’s just really about taking bite-size chunks and really staying in the success mode so that you can perpetuate that feeling of having success and having a feeling of completion around the things that you set out to do.” (29:41) – Vanessa

“Focusing on that identity piece is such a crucial point of transformation and surrounding yourself with people who see you as your highest potential or see you as your next potential is such an important part.” (46:20) – Vanessa

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