#156: Could Breaking Up with Sugar Be the Biggest Key to Healthy Eating? with Molly Carmel

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Why sugar is so addictive and its impact on your endocrine system
  • How to set yourself up for success when you decide to break up with sugar
  • Is your relationship with sugar wrecking your relationship with yourself?
  • The importance of an accountability partner or group to foster your sense of community
  • Natural recommendations to help you manage urges and cravings and detox from sugar

Episode Summary

Do the temporary comforts of sugar and unhealthy foods keep you from getting healthy and living the life of your dreams? You’re not alone, and this sugar epidemic is one that needs to be addressed if you want to avoid the effects of the sugar-craving tailspin. 

Molly Carmel is a behavioral therapist and an expert on food and sugar addictions and disorders. After overcoming her own unhealthy relationship with sugar, Molly decided to teach others how to break up with sugar in a sustainable way that is possible for everyone. Today she is here to encourage you to fight for your relationship with food and with yourself to live a life beyond sugar addiction. 

If you have been trapped in the diet drama and trauma cycle, you need real solutions to help you break up with sugar once and for all. Molly is here to provide recommendations to help you manage cravings, fix your relationship with food and stop letting sugar hijack your brain.

Sugar is not the solution, and it can be the source of your problems with everything from insomnia to anxiety and depression. By treating yourself in a loving way, you can set yourself up for success and break up with sugar to forge a new pathway of food and body intuition. 

Are you ready to open your mind to living past your abusive relationship with sugar? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


“I knew that it was my problem because when I broke up with it everything got so much better.” (9:52)

“The thing that really parallels an unhealthy relationship with sugar is an unhealthy relationship with dieting. We really need to divorce dieting too because we need to be able to create a relationship.” (13:36)

“Of course you are going to listen to the sweet sound of sugar when it is calling you in the middle of the night telling you that it’s going to help you to feel better, help you to numb out, help to soothe you, because the fact is, short term, that is what it does. But the long term implications in your body, mind, and spirit are not worth it in the end.” (20:25)

“There is more help out there than I think people recognize. Some is cost-free and it’s like we need each other through this to find a loving and healthy relationship with food and with ourselves. That’s the hidden promise in all of this.” (28:14)

“I think that the most important thing that somebody can do is learn how to live a really happy life treating the feelings that we are having instead of having sugar numb you and feel worse. (32:06)

Resources Mentioned

Breaking Up with Sugar by Molly Carmel

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2 Responses to #156: Could Breaking Up with Sugar Be the Biggest Key to Healthy Eating? with Molly Carmel

  1. Melissa January 8, 2020 at 12:51 pm #

    Great podcast! Thanks. I’m planning on ordering the book soon. I tried to download the cheat sheet but am getting an error message that the page doesn’t exist. Would love to get the cheat sheet asap! Thank you!

    • Mariza January 15, 2020 at 8:43 am #

      Hello, Melissa! Appreciate the kind words <3 Please reach out to my team so we can help you further on that! Just send an email to support@drmariza.com 🙂 Hope you get a copy soon!

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