#166: How Our Old Stories Can Slam the Brakes on Healing with Karyn Shanks

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • The 5 most common stories we tell ourselves that block healing
  • How to elevate yourself out of painful and powerful relationship bonds
  • Why you need to start prioritizing yourself and stop saying that you don’t have time
  • Tips for saying ‘yes’ to healing and increasing your neuroplasticity
  • Ways to cultivate a new healing story for yourself while listening to your internal wisdom

Episode Summary

Have you ever blamed yourself for feeling sick, or felt guilty about taking time out for yourself? These limiting beliefs could be stopping you from achieving your optimal health without you even realizing it. 

Today I am joined by Dr. Karyn Shanks, a physician, teacher, and the author of the new book Heal: A Nine-Stage Roadmap to Recover Energy, Reverse Chronic Illness, and Claim the Potential of a Vibrant New You. Dr. Karyn helps her clients regain hope and potential after healing from a chronic illness, and she is here today to help you gain agency over your own healing. 

A specialist in creating savvy healing plans that address your biochemical imbalances and neuroplasticity, Dr. Karyn is here to provide you with creative ways to create wellness for yourself. What are the 5 most common stories we tell ourselves that can sabotage our ability to heal? What can you do to evolve your brain and cultivate a new healing story? Join us today as Dr. Karyn shares her knowledge and practical tools with us. 

By developing your ability to listen to the cues from your body, follow your internal wisdom and stop being afraid of failure, you can increase your bodily freedom and stop self-sabotaging your health. With Dr. Karyn’s help, you too can map out a plan to healing with her accessible and approachable tools. 

Can you relate to one or two of the stories Dr. Karyn shared with us today? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!


“People, I think, have become disenfranchised from their own healing and their own wisdom. And that’s all about the stories that we learn and that we tell ourselves, and they get in the way of us finding the path that is best for us.” (13:36)

“Our work is to be aware, become the observer, and then develop new grooves, new deep mind pathways, and over time that shift and balance have occurred, so you become more, you can live that new story more fully.” (19:45)

“We are wired to belong, and so it takes a lot of strength to stand apart and make different choices.” (21:41)

“From your place of exhaustion and suffering or wherever it is you are, you just say ‘yes.’ That’s where you start, just say ‘yes.’”  (29:49)

“That’s also key to walking this path of healing, is realizing that when we screw up we are really just being shown a different way.” (33:45)

Resources Mentioned

Heal by Dr. Karyn Shanks

Dr. Karyn Shanks Website

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