#174: How to Be a Menopause Boss – 4 Steps to Thriving in Menopause with Kyrin Dunston

What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Learn what a menopause boss is and how you can become one at any age
  • The four steps to thriving and vibing in perimenopause or menopause 
  • Explore the role of toxicity and stress when it comes to your menopausal symptoms
  • How to create a health vision board to harness the power of the ‘intangibles’
  • Tips for giving yourself nutritional support physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally

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Episode Summary

Over 50 million women in the United States alone are going through menopause, and traditional medicine is still scrambling to find root-cause solutions to symptoms that affect the majority of women 40 years of age and up. Dr. Kyrin Dunston was one of these women, and through her journey of getting her hormones back on track, Dr. Kyrin made a shift from her traditional OB-GYN practice to focusing on root-cause medicine for her patients.

Today Dr. Kyrin is here to shine a light on how to become a menopause boss and address your root causes so that you can own this stage of your life with confidence. Balancing your hormones through nutrition, stress management, and toxin unloading is the key to alleviating your symptoms and taking ownership of what can be the best time in your life. 

It is possible to slide into perimenopause and menopause while maintaining your weight, energy and your vitality. You can look and feel beautiful no matter what stage you are in with Dr. Kyrin’s unique tips and tools for establishing your building blocks of health. 

By balancing your hormones; supporting your mitochondria; and supporting yourself spiritually, mentally, and emotionally; you can create the foundation to become a menopause boss and create what you truly want out of life. 

Have you tried addressing your menopause symptoms with a functional, root-cause approach like Dr. Kyrin recommends? Share your story with us in the comments section of the episode page. 


“I got to the point where I knew there was something wrong. Clearly I was not healthy, but I thought, “If this is what life is going to be, I don’t even know if I want to live it,” because it was such a miserable existence. And then I discovered functional medicine.” (8:54)

“I want women to know that it is possible to slide through perimenopause and into menopause and maintain your weight at a low normal weight, maintain your energy, and be vitally alive! You can not only look beautiful but feel beautiful and energized and brilliant from within.” (10:46)

“The body naturally wants to heal itself, but when it doesn’t have the resources it can’t. And that’s when you start noticing problems.” (28:34)

“Its all about mitochondria, it really is. Because without them functioning properly, you don’t have health, you don’t have energy, you don’t really have anything because they really are the powerhouses that create the energy.” (38:04)

“Really looking at how you can harness this aspect of the world to work for you can help you to create what you are wanting in your life, for your health and everything else: for your career, your creativity, relationships, finances, fun free time, whatever.” (42:18)

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