#176: How Fluoride Could Be Affecting Your Skin, Hormones, and Brain Health with Melissa Gallico

What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Learn when and how fluoride air and water pollution was accepted as ‘non-toxic’ 
  • How to find the hidden sources of fluoride in your diet and clear up your acne
  • Which water filters and types of toothpaste you can consume without fluoride exposure
  • The importance of being mindful and finding fluoride-free wine production
  • What a typical fluoride flareup can look like and fluoride recommendations for all 

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Episode Summary

Fluoride has been widely accepted as a ‘healthy’ additive to our water and oral care products since 1945, but did you know that it can have dangerous side effects when building up over time? Melissa Gallico went from being an FBI analyst to a podcast host and author focusing on the detrimental effects of fluoride through her own personal experience with acne breakouts when consuming fluoride. She is here to share her knowledge with you today.

Excessive exposure to fluoride can have a negative impact on everything from your reproductive issues to your cognitive development and decreased thyroid function, and sadly it is up to us to take control of our fluoride exposure. Everything from your water to your wine could have fluoride in it, which is why Melissa is here to explain the science behind fluoride and how you can protect yourself and your family from its damaging effects.

What are the most common sources of fluoride? What is the connection between fluoride and severe acne? How to you set up your family for success by decreasing your fluoride intake? Join us today as we share the answers!

There is a physical answer to the changes your body experiences when you travel, and if you have experienced the clearing of your skin, mind or just all-around better bodily functioning when you are abroad, this could be a sign that fluoride is one of your root-cause issues. Melissa wants to set you up for success by providing you with simple things that you can do right now to start to get to the bottom of your fluoride exposure.

Are you ready to take back control over your contact with fluoride? Share what you learned from Melissa’s story with us in the comments below.


“It kind of reminds me of that story about the two fish in the aquarium, and the older fish swims by and says ‘Hey guys, how’s the water?’ and they’re like ‘What’s water?”. Because it’s just around them all the time; they don’t even notice it.” (12:57)

“Fluoride is just so ubiquitous in our society–we put it in the water, it’s in so many foods, it’s a pesticide–we’re exposed to it so much that people don’t realize how it is affecting them because it has always been that way.” (13:11)

“You can look at the court documents and see exactly what they are saying. They are saying ‘Well, dentists said that this amount of fluoride is safe, and that’s the same amount of fluoride that is in our fluoride air pollution, so it must be safe.’ And that’s really where it happened: it was just a perk that now they get to sell their fluoride air pollution to your local water provider.”  (22:20)

“Just start with the water and the toothpaste. That is pretty easy to do, and you should see a huge improvement right away. That will tell you if you are on the right track and if fluoride is an issue for you.” (32:02)

“It is such an easy place to start and it’s something that a lot of people just don’t think about, because you don’t see it in your water. It’s not an ingredient that’s listed on a label anywhere, but once you know to look for it, you can start making those connections.” (37:50)

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2 Responses to #176: How Fluoride Could Be Affecting Your Skin, Hormones, and Brain Health with Melissa Gallico

  1. Jessie Snyder March 25, 2020 at 6:45 am #

    Wow! I finally learned why I break out in hives and itch after showering. This is totally amazing! I have been trying to figure it out since I was a kid. At one point I thought my skin might be allergic to water. Thank you so much.

    • Dr. Mariza April 2, 2020 at 10:07 am #

      I agree! This is such an eye opener! Glad to know that this helped you a lot 🙂 You can also check my website for other blogs I know you’ll surely love! Here’s the link > > http://www.drmariza.com/blog

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