#212: The Five Good-Girl Myths with Majo Molfino

Good Girl Myths

  • Learn about the ‘Good Girl’ archetype and why it is deeply rooted in the patriarchy 
  • Discover the 5 ‘Good Girl Myths’ that every woman needs to overcome to some degree
  • How to shed the subconscious misconceptions you have been living with for years
  • Tips for becoming the heroine of your own story and tapping into your inner wisdom
  • Why you need to start following your intuition and listen to what your body needs

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Episode Summary

Do you find yourself following external authorities rather than your own intuition? Do you people please, sacrifice yourself for others, or stifle your voice in the interest of keeping the peace? There is a good chance that you learned these tendencies from a young age, as many women do. Majo Molfino is on a mission to help women identify the ‘5 Good Girl Myths’ so that you can stop minimizing your power and start stepping into your truth.

An author, designer, and women’s leadership expert with a Masters in Design, Majo is passionate about helping women tap into their intuition and power and stop giving in to the myths that have been keeping them down. The myths of rules, perfection, logic, harmony, and sacrifice play into every sphere of our lives and decision making, and it is only by recognizing these subconscious tendencies that we can start to overcome them. 

The powers you give up when you give in to these ‘Good Girl Myths’ can not only drain your energy but also your zest for life. This episode is all about dismantling the patriarchy, identifying your inner wisdom, and becoming the heroine of your own story. It is time to stop giving up your precious resources and start to embrace the imperfections necessary for growth and change. 

Are you ready to stop living life as a ‘good girl’ and start making decisions that completely and unapologetically serve you? Share what ‘Good Girl Myth’ resonates most with you in the comments below!


“I think a lot of us still have blind spots, we don’t see how we have been really conditioned because it is so deep and subconscious, it’s still in the shadow.” (8:27)

“Even if the rules give us these benefits, the cost is much higher. When you seek approval, you give up your own desires and even the possibility to know what you desire. We may end up belonging to a tribe, but we are banished from ourselves. We lose connection with our most authentic selves. When you seek safety and comfort, you give up growth and expansion.” (20:20)

“When we feel like it is best to follow our mind and intellect over our body and intuition, the tendency to choose logic over intuition, the strategy for approval is being smart and credible. So the ways we align with the patriarchy are the ways we might align with Western medicine and evidence-based research. This is great, but we know it’s not the whole picture.” (29:06)

“If I just go with the flow and avoid being difficult, there won’t be any problems and everybody will just get along. It looks like the tendency to seek and keep harmony, instead of embracing the conflict needed for change. The main strategy for approval is being easy to get along with, pleasant, likable. But the powers you give up when you follow the good girl myth of harmony are your voice, and truth.” (35:01)

“The good girl myths affect all contexts of our life, not just one context. I really try to show how the rules look like in relationships, at work, how logic looks like and how it plays out when you are trying to make a work decision, how it plays out when you are thinking about what partner you want to marry. So it really does work across different spheres.” (40:24)

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