#217: 5 Signs of Progesterone Deficiency and How to Fix It

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In This Episode: Low Progesterone

Do you know or suspect that you may have low progesterone? If you’re struggling with infertility, severe PMS, irregular periods, PCOS, or if you just feel like something’s off in your body… chances are, low progesterone may be to blame. 

Today I’m getting real about the struggle to conceive with low progesterone (and other hormone problems) and how you can naturally take back control of your health by boosting progesterone levels through lifestyle, supplement, and nutrition changes. 

If you’re ready to understand why progesterone is so important, how to tell if you’re deficient, and simple ways to boost your progesterone levels naturally, don’t miss this information-packed episode!

On this episode all about progesterone, I’m sharing:

  • A special announcement I’ve been holding onto (hint: I’m living proof that the methods I share today WORK)
  • The science behind what progesterone does in your body
  • How to monitor your progesterone levels easily in your own home
  • The biggest symptoms that indicate low progesterone
  • My top recommendations for boosting your progesterone levels naturally 

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