#252: 5-Minute Wellness Routines to Feel Good Now with Robyn Downs

If You Want to Create Your Own 5 Minute Wellness Routine You Should:

  1. Acknowledge your striving mindset and the differences found in a feel-good mindset
  2. Shift your mindset by taking actionable steps to put yourself into a feel-good state
  3. Allow yourself time to focus on how you feel rather than be productive
  4. Customize your routine to fit into your daily schedule and create habits that enforce that routine

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Episode Summary

Have you spent your 20’s going non-stop, only to feel the physical burden of your constant busyness now? Often times we don’t even realize how bad we feel because we get used to it as our ‘normal.’ But the truth is, self-care is a non-negotiable for survival, and you deserve a minute to pause and take care of yourself.

The Feel-Good Effect with Robyn Downs

Robyn Downs has been in the same position you are. Robyn has dedicated her life to spreading the feel-good effect. Using simple, science-backed strategies, Robyn helps people implement small hinges that can create big change when it comes to their emotional and physical wellbeing. Her work taps into cutting-edge science and psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, and habits to help you find more calm, ease, and joy in your life right now.

Gentle Is the New Perfect

Robyn lives by the motto that ‘gentle is the new perfect.’ By rejecting the striving mindset that so many of us have been caught up in, Robyn wants you to focus on what feels good instead. 

The feel-good mindset focuses on self-compassion, flexible thinking, and gratitude, the exact opposite of the striving mindset. Despite what you may have been told, being kind to yourself will not make you lazy or a quitter. But it will allow you to stop striving for perfectionism and make space for joy and rest in your daily life.

Get in Where You Fit In

You may think that you don’t have time for self-care or to take a break. With Robyn’s 5-minute wellness routine, you can practice shifting your mindset for just an instant and see what a world of difference it can make. 

Robyn’s system puts into place actionable ways that you can put yourself into a feel-good state. By practicing the 4 R’s, revive, refresh, restore and rest, you can customize how it works into your life in as little as 5 minutes. The beauty in Robyn’s method is that it allows you to stop being productive and take some time to create actions and habits that are solely related to how you feel. 

Can you relate to our stories today? Are you feeling the physical repercussions of busyness and are ready to create small changes to support your brain and body? Share how you will create more ease in your life through a 5-minute wellness routine with me in the comments below!


“If you are going to make long-term sustainable change, you need the mindset and you need the habits and routines. And often what we do is we try to say we need better habits or we need this routine, which is wonderful… but the thing that was actually standing in my way was mindset.” (9:21)

“The antidote to the striving mindset is the feel-good mindset, and that is self-compassion, flexible thinking, and gratitude.” (16:00)

“In terms of feeling good, the place to start is to start awareness about how you feel and how you want to feel. Which sounds pretty basic, but most of us have not learned how to do that.” (23:51)

“I kept playing with the idea of ‘What is the shortest amount of time I can give this for the biggest impact?’ and I did find that five minutes, it’s not about the amount of time, it’s the energy that comes from it.” (32:15)

“It’s not about adding another thing to your to-do list, it’s a way that you ground yourself so that you can be here and feel good. That’s how you stay out of the burnout trap altogether.” (38:21)

In This Episode

  • Learn why perfectionism and comparison thinking is standing in your way (9:45)
  • How to navigate and reorient what it means to have it all (15:43)
  • Tangible practices that can cement a feel-good mindset instead of a striving mindset (18:52)
  • Tips for creating your personalized 5-minute wellness routine (31:15)
  • Suggestions of rituals that you can relish in to make time for you where it fits into your life (35:45)

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