#273: Why Do Women Need to Intermittent Fast Differently, Especially Over 40? with Dr. Mindy Pelz

If You Are Ready to Take Back Your Health Through Intermittent Fasting You Should:

  1. Divide your day into a window where you are eating and a window where you are fasting
  2. Prioritize healthy foods and limiting the wine to get your insulin levels in check
  3. Boost your oxytocin through self-care acts to lower your stress

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Episode Summary

As our bodies and hormones change with age, our lifestyles have to change with them. What worked for you five years ago or even one year ago isn’t necessarily going to work for you today. That is why we need to take the changes our body is going through into account and do everything in our power to help our bodies create more energy, improve mental clarity, and manage insulin resistance. The best way to do that? Intermittent fasting.

Understanding the Fasting Movement with Dr. Mindy Pelz

Dr. Mindy Pelz D.C. is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and nutrition and functional medicine expert who has spent over two decades helping thousands of people successfully reclaim their health. She is a recognized leader in the alternative health field and a pioneer in the fasting movement, teaching the principles of a fasting lifestyle, diet variation, detox, hormones, and more. Today, she is here to provide you with practical lifestyle tools so that you can reclaim your health in menopause and beyond.

Simple (but Necessary) Lifestyle Changes

By the time we reach the age of 40, a necessary lifestyle change needs to happen. If it doesn’t, you will suffer more, and nobody wants that. The truth is, you can’t outsource menopause, and it is up to you to listen to what your body is going through during this time of hormonal change. 

When making the first steps towards this lifestyle change, intermittent fasting can be a great starting point. Intermittent fasting helps you to manage your insulin and prevent disease later in life. Your health is more important than ever before, and Dr. Mindy literally wrote the manual to help women step into menopause and all its glory.

Get Your Energy Back with Intermittent Fasting

By simply dividing your day into a window where you are eating and a window where you are fasting, you can get back your energy, improve your mental clarity, and manage your insulin resistance. The benefits of intermittent fasting, especially for women 40 and over, are huge, and the science proves it.

You cannot stress your way into a ‘better’ menopause. But, all it takes is a few simple lifestyle changes that can have endless benefits to your overall health and longevity. As your metabolism changes, so do your body’s needs. With intermittent fasting, you can be sure that you are doing everything in your power to enter this next phase with ease and grace.

Are you ready to experience the transformations that we have been talking about and experiencing in real life? Share the role intermittent fasting has played in your health journey with me in the comments below!


“Menopause is an extreme sport, and if you are not prepared for it, you are going to go down.” (5:29)

“That’s really the gift that we have to give women back. If you are depressed at 40 and over, if you are anxious, if you are not sleeping, if you are suicidal, you are not going crazy. You are just missing your hormones. And now let’s work to naturally bring that back for you.” (15:32)

“Just because you make a hormone, doesn’t mean you metabolize that hormone and are getting it into the cells. So for the woman that is going through menopause, estrogen is already declining. So you want to use as much of that estrogen as you possibly can.” (27:32)

“If you don’t change your lifestyle, and all you do is HRT, then you are actually setting yourself up for more disease because you haven’t actually created a lifestyle that will naturally balance these hormones on their own.” (31:52)

“This has to change, but it’s only going to change by women banning together and talking about it and sharing our experiences in a collaborative and wonderful way and looking at our lifestyle and making those changes.” (34:25)

In This Episode

  • Questions you have to ask yourself when finding your answer to your menopause symptoms (10:10)
  • How to reframe your lifestyle and mindset to reclaim your life and hormones (15:50)
  • Tips for regulating your stress, cortisol, and insulin levels through intermittent fasting (24:34)
  • Things that you need to know to avoid disease in your 50’s and 60’s (31:58)
  • Why fasting is the first step for women over 40 looking to address their symptoms (36:56)

Resources Mentioned

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