#28: The right skincare for YOU with Dr. Trevor Cates



What We’re Talking About In This Episode!

  • Incredible secrets to glowing skin
  • Skin change signs to look out for and what they might mean
  • How sugar is speeding up your aging process
  • How to figure out your acne trigger foods
  • What you should be looking for on your beauty product labels


Episode Summary:

Tired of choosing between natural and effective skin care? Dr. Trevor Cates is here to dispel the myth that you can’t have quality, all natural skin care products. Dr. Cates is an author, podcast host and world-renowned skin doctor. She helps patients around the world get to the bottom of their skincare issues by working from the inside out. She’s all about clean, non-toxic and quality ingredients and has created her own skincare line to make sure her patients were getting the best natural solution out there.

Your skin is a mirror into your overall health, and problems with your skin can be a sign that your body isn’t working quite right. Dr. Cates explains how to protect and preserve your skin and explains the huge connection between what you are eating and your skin issues. We are diving into the 5 different skin types, the main root causes of skin problems, and lifestyle changes that can change your genetic expression. Get ready to redefine skin care and learn how to achieve gracefully aging and glowing skin.

How do you currently care for your skin? Do you have any frustrations finding products that work for you? Let me know in the comments on the episode page!



“I realized that I wanted to get this message out to more people about the skin and its connection with health and how we can actually look at our skin as a tool rather than just what can we do to cover it up and suppress it.” (9:05)

“It’s really up to us to pay attention to what we are putting on our skin” (23:36)

“I started asking different estheticians and dermatologists I knew ‘what are the good natural skin care lines?’ and the answer they gave me really bothered me, which was you have to choose between natural or effective when it comes to skincare. Natural skin care products just don’t work. And I thought well that’s ridiculous.” (30:41)

“That was what I realized was missing in a lot of the natural skin care lines, is that they would have a lot of empty ingredients. And maybe they weren’t toxic but they weren’t the ones that were actually going to improve the quality of the skin. (31:38)


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