#295: The Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies Caused By Hormonal Birth Control

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It’s a sad reality that most doctors realize the risks of nutrient deficiencies that come from being on the pill…

Yet a majority of women are unaware of these effects until they suddenly feel exhausted, are struggling to get pregnant, or are facing other unexplained symptoms.

Today I’m unpacking why hormonal birth control has this effect on your body as well as the top nutrient deficiencies you need to watch for, especially if you have been on the pill for any length of time. Tune in to hear…

  • How my friend was shocked by the levels of deficiencies she had after coming off the pill (and how I helped her reset these levels so she could conceive)
  • The most prevalent deficiencies we can link to being on the pill
  • Symptoms to watch for that indicate you’re having specific nutrient deficiencies in your body
  • The top brands and products that I take and recommend for correcting your nutrient levels safely and quickly
  • And more!

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