#325: The 3 Food Mistakes 68% of Women Are Making That Cause Fatigue, Weight-Gain, and Even Anxiety with Stu Schaefer

If You Want to Stop Making Common Food Mistakes You Should:

  1. Stop eating carbs at night time
  2. Not skip breakfast 
  3. Make sure you aren’t snacking the wrong way

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Episode Summary

Have you been trying everything you can to create more energy, lose that stubborn weight, and heal your hormones but aren’t seeing the results you are looking for? One of the biggest factors for our overall health, longevity, and sustainable energy comes from becoming metabolically flexible and getting your body into a thermogenic state.

Create a Life Worth Living with Stu Schaefer

Stu Schaefer is a 20-year award-winning weight-loss coach who specializes in helping people reset their bodies so they can lose weight as they did in their 20’s. After his own struggles with anorexia and SIBO, Stu realized he wanted to help people create their perfect bodies healthfully and sustainably. He has helped thousands of people transform their bodies and empower themselves so that they can use their success to create a life worth living.

Eat More and Work Out Less

What if I told you that the secret to achieving the weight loss results you are after could come from eating more and working out less? Stu’s four food quadrants focus on not only what you are eating and the amount you are eating but also when you are eating and how you are combining foods in order to see optimal results. 

Getting your body into a thermogenic state can help you burn fat like a furnace. When you can give your body the variety it needs to function optimally, you can burn fat constantly, preserve muscle, and lose weight.

Thermogenics Is Key

Each person has their own unique combination of needs in order to function optimally. However, most of us are making choices we believe to be healthy, but that is really keeping our bodies from reaching that thermogenic state. 

When you know what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, how to combine foods, and when to stop with the exercise, you can stop making these common mistakes and boost your metabolic flexibility in order to get your body into fat-burning mode.

Are you ready to get your body into a thermogenic mode so that you can gain more energy, longevity, and muscle? Share which of Stu’s helpful insights surprised you most with me in the comments below!


“I decided to become a health coach because I knew what it was like to hate your body, I knew what it was like to have this warped self-image, and I knew what it was like to know what’s beyond that point and how transformative and life-changing that can be.”  (7:31)

“Moving continually in a better direction and improvement is better than perfection.” (28:59)

“You should not be restricting entire food groups or foods and not pulling them out. That is just not the way the body was designed. If you give your body the variety within the scope of gut health and autoimmune health, that’s what brings the body to functioning optimally.” (35:17)

“It’s not just about eating healthy, it’s about eating right for what you are trying to accomplish, not just eating healthy, and there is a difference there.” (39:35)

“Everybody is insecure in this world. You need to just show up authentic and not worry about what other people think. Be authentic and open and always walk around with an open heart.” (59:22)

In This Episode

  • Why eating more and working out less could help you achieve your weight goals (11:42)
  • Which foods are thermogenically approved for each meal of the day (18:02)
  • Learn what mistakes you could be making when it comes to your daily food routine, especially at dinner (30:55)
  • How to reverse aging and normalize your hormones by putting your body in a thermogenic state (39:43)
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes when it comes to exercising as a woman (43:35)

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