#326: Powerful Techniques to Feel and Process Your “Mess,” Including Breathwork, Meditation, and Movement with Ashley Bernardi

If You Are Ready to Heal Your Messy Emotions or Trauma, You Should:

  1. Give yourself permission to heal 
  2. Sit with your emotions and adopt tools to help you process them
  3. Embrace your own authentic power

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Episode Summary

The holiday season brings new levels of stress and worries to many people. This stress can trigger us out of nowhere or by small things. The key to dealing with these triggers is by learning not only what to do to manage your triggered moments but also how to implement strategies when you need them the most.

Embrace Your Authentic Power with Ashley Bernardi

Ashley Bernardi is a trained journalist who has written for some of the biggest publications nationwide and the founder of the powerhouse media firm Nardi Media. When the emotions she oppressed after the traumatic death of her father began to manifest into disease and depression later in life, Ashley deepened her commitment to health, wellness, spirituality, and her own authentic power and is passionate about helping others do the same.

Listening to Your Body Through Stillness

The strategies needed to process messy emotions and trauma may be simple, but they take practice, awareness, and the desire to listen to your inner wisdom. Permitting yourself to start feeling and truly sitting in silence to listen to what your body needs can instantly change your state of panic into relaxation. 

Instead of trying to numb or distract yourself from your emotions, Ashley’s work is all about honoring and accessing your wisdom from within so that you can find true transformation and healing.

You Hold Healing Power Within Yourself

Ashley has created the FEEL Framework to help people focus on their emotions, enter their emotions, experience their emotions, and listen, learn, and love that emotion. By sharing your voice, putting up boundaries, giving yourself permission to say no, and being vulnerable, you can share and address your feelings in real-time in order to heal. 

Making space for brave conversations, being grateful for every emotion you feel, and knowing that everything is temporary are key constructs to Ashley’s journey to embracing her authentic power. The power to decide if life is happening to you or for you is within reach, and for every one of us, all we need to do is learn how to listen.

What did you love most about Ashley’s authentic story and how she transformed her trauma into authentic power? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!


“I am so grateful for Lyme disease and postpartum depression because I was forced to be still. And from there, as a result of that, I was actually forced to listen to that wisdom within.” (13:37)

“These emotions, they are here for a reason. They are meant to be processed; they are meant to be addressed; we are meant to move through them. Even just acknowledging the presence that they are there.” (19:40)

“I am always grateful for every single emotion that I experience these days. And I know within them there is something for me to learn, and there are lessons.” (22:10)

“We all have the answers to our own healing. What our bodies need, what our hearts need, what our souls need, if we just allow ourselves to be still and listen to the wisdom we all have within.” (26:35)

“This is temporary. This feeling is temporary, all of these feelings are temporary. And that in it of itself is so empowering.” (41:26)

In This Episode

  • How to heal your trauma and transform yourself through self-care and stillness (12:41)
  • The importance of community and connection when healing and releasing trauma (17:09)
  • Why you need to embrace facing and feeling your emotions in order to heal (19:21)
  • Learn about the side benefits of healing, especially when it comes to your relationships (26:47)
  • How to get primal with your meltdowns in order to heal your emotions (30:06)

Resources Mentioned

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Authentic Power by Ashley Bernardi

Ashley Bernardi Website

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