#329: How to Permanently Stop the Negative Self-Talk and Yo Yo Dieting with Deborah Capaccio

If You Want to Set Yourself Up for Success, You Should:

  1. Identify your limiting belief patterns
  2. Replace your negative self-talk with positive affirmations
  3. Release your bad habits and commit to the new 2.0 version of yourself every day

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Episode Summary

Have you ever considered that your yo-yo dieting or emotional eating rollercoaster could be coming from how you see yourself subconsciously? Many women use food to cope with life or unmet needs, which is where the self-sabotage starts. Mindful eating and getting to the root cause of your negative self-talk are two massive pieces of the puzzle regarding our identity and how it impacts our weight.

Finding Your Sparkle Again with Deborah Capaccio

Deborah Capaccio has helped hundreds of middle-aged women permanently overcome their problems with yo-yo dieting and emotional eating by focusing on living an authentic, true life. The way we think about and speak to ourselves directly impacts the bad habits we engage with, which is why it is Deborah’s mission to help other women find their sparkle again.

Getting Clear on How Your Subconscious Beliefs Manifest

Women, especially those of us in middle-age, tend to give themselves to everyone else and leave their needs in the dust. Instead of working from a place of deficit, it is important to take yourself off the hook and identify what you are saying to yourself on a daily basis. 

When you take the time to look at where you are working from to get through your day and identify how you may be speaking negatively to yourself, you can stop the external manifestation of those beliefs and exchange them for something that will serve you better.

Brain First, Body Second

One of the most powerful things you can do to reverse stubborn weight gain and ultimately live a more fulfilled life is to reprogram your brain from negative self-talk to positive self-talk. Deborah’s ‘Fit Mind Formula’ helps women form healthy habits based on constructive affirmations that feel in line with who they want to be in this world. 

When women decide to do something, it is game time. You owe it to yourself to live your life from a place of abundance and happiness. Deborah is proof that if you change your mindset and show up as your authentic self, your reality and your body will follow.

Are you ready to stop self-sabotaging by changing the way you see yourself subconsciously? Share what surprised you most about the connection between mindset and bad habits with me in the comments below!


“It wasn’t until I found this method that is easier than you can even imagine, to sort of shift my deep brain thinking first, that my body results followed second.” (5:15)

“Really you can take this tangible advice, and start to flip that script, and realize the negative self-talk is so damaging, and it needs to stop right now.” (13:49)

“Visualize your 2.0 version every day. You are not going to be working from a deficit anymore.” (20:54)

“It is really important to nudge women if they are ready for it. A little slight nudge, a nudge ourselves, to sense that urgent. That even though things are fine right now, if we continue on this path, will they be fine?” (25:43)

“It is never, ever too late to redefine and rediscover that true authentic identity, and pave a path for so many women to follow you.” (28:28)

In This Episode

  • Why women need to get out of the negative brain patterns surrounding body image (8:50)
  • What you can do to flip the switch when it comes to your negative self-talk (11:49)
  • How to replace your negative identity beliefs with daily positive affirmations (14:18)
  • Ways to cultivate a more fit mind when it comes to body image, exercise, and food (18:32)
  • Tips for setting new intentions for yourself in middle-age and beyond (26:26)

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