#143: How to Give Yourself Grace During Your Biggest Healing Struggles with Arielle Lorre

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Unexpected pillars of health to focus on
  • Learn what loving yourself looks like today and how to enjoy the journey
  • How transcendental meditation can help you melt your stress away 
  • Exploring the connection between stress, trauma and gut issues 
  • How to sett boundaries and get curious with your health

Episode Summary

Arielle Lorre is the creator of The Blonde Files, a platform, podcast and online space that helps others become inspired by imperfection and understand what it really looks like to heal your body in today’s world. After Arielle’s unhealthy lifestyle took a toll and took her to her rock bottom — including a PCOS and lymphocytic colitis diagnosis — she decided to make a drastic change. She discovered necessary lifestyle changes that would support her body’s ability to heal.

Now Arielle works to help others gain self-awareness, resources and the confidence it takes to help your body get to a better place faster. She preaches a methodology of patience, grace and honoring your body throughout the healing journey. Arielle is here to share what she has learned and help others know they are not alone.

By getting curious and spending your energy focusing on the bigger picture, Arielle is here to encourage you to find what works for you, experiment, and learn to love yourself in the process. Her struggle and story are a testament to how much each and every one of us deserve grace in our lives. Listen in for an inspiring take on learning to accept yourself, flaws and all.

How do you work to actively give yourself grace when finding true, total body healing? Share your self-love strategies with us in the comments below.


“Within a few weeks of going on a natural supplementation regimen and avoiding certain foods I was pretty much like almost 100% better.” (11:21)

“When I finally got, not the answer, but I was starting to get answers, I felt so much relief. I felt like for the years leading up to that, I felt kind of like I had lost control of my body and that there was something wrong with me. And all of a sudden I didn’t feel broken anymore.” (13:50)

“The stress component, that is something that I have really realized at the beginning of this year that it was really affecting everything.” (24:11)

“I do transcendental meditation, so it’s twenty minutes in silence twice a day. And when I started I was like, ‘20 minutes? That is daunting.’ I could not sit with myself in silence with no distractions for 5 minutes. So I thought it was this really big scary thing, and immediately, like 2 days into doing it… I was like, ‘This has been life-changing already.’” (26:29)

“Just be patient, because progress is not linear and there are going to be setbacks.” (30:47)

Resources Mentioned

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