#330: Why Mitochondria Are the Key to Unlocking Your Best Energy Yet with Shawn Wells

If You Want to Unlock Your Best Energy, You Should:

  1. Eat whole foods and take a walk after your meals
  2. Find a routine for your eating and sleeping schedule that works for you
  3. Focus on your why by finding quality relationships that encourage you to live authentically

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Episode Summary

Has living your life in a state of energy burnout become your ‘normal’? So many of us struggle with chronic fatigue, exhaustion, and burnout but don’t know where to start to fix these issues. The answer to unlocking your best energy yet can be found in your mitochondria, and boosting your mitochondrial function will change your life.

Improve Your Mitochondria to Improve Your Life with Shawn Wells

Shawn Wells, MPH, LDN, RD, CISSN, FISSN, is the world’s leading nutritional biochemist and expert on health optimization. He has formulated over 500 supplements, food, beverages, and cosmeceuticals and patented 10 novel ingredients including Teacrine, Dynamine, and Dihydroberberine and is now known as the Ingredientologist – the scientist of ingredients. He has over a decade of clinical experience and is a world-renowned thought-leader on mitochondrial health. His expertise can help any health-conscious individual to better manage stress and experience greater resilience and more energy through utilizing his practical research-backed solutions.

How to Unlock Your Energy Potential

The way in which we live our modern lives has wreaked havoc on the ways our bodies are meant to function. Snacking late at night, blue light, not enough sleep, and inflammation all play a massive role in how our bodies operate. 

Shawn has completed countless hours of biochemical research into how we can help improve the health of our mitochondria and improve mitochondrial biogenesis so that we can live longer and more vibrant lives.

Biohacking Your Way to a More Vibrant Life

Eating whole foods, prioritizing sleep hygiene, and creating quality relationships are just a few of the ways that we can improve our mitochondrial health, and therefore increase our energy and longevity. Going through life energy depleted is no way to live, which is why you need to provide your mitochondria with the nutrients they need to begin working for you again.

If you are interested in learning how to biohack your mitochondria to live a richer, fuller, more vibrant, and longer life, Shawn is the expert you need to hear from.

Are you ready to give your mitochondria the love they deserve so that you can start living a vibrant life full of energy? Share which of Shawn’s tips you will implement with me in the comments below!


“This is all pro-aging. Pro biological aging and pro disease. Almost all diseases are correlated to that metabolic dysfunction, which is essentially synonymous with mitochondrial dysfunction.” (15:01)

“Doing all these things that are disrupting our circadian rhythm is wreaking havoc.” (19:03)

“You compare the data over 28 years, someone smoking two packs a day has 16% more likelihood of having cancer. Over those same 28 years, someone who eats a high poly and saturated fatty acid diet has an 86% higher rate of cancer. That’s like five times of cigarettes two packs a day.” (23:55)

“If we are saying that most people are insulin resistant or glucose intolerant, and they are not taking glucose into the cell as well, then this alternate fuel source of ketones is going to help that mitochondria get the fuel source it needs to create ATP.” (33:53)

“Lifespan is how long you live, healthspan is how long you live without disease. And so now healthspan is a big part of the discussion, how vibrantly are we living?” (36:41)

In This Episode

  • What you can do to support yourself if you are not able to get the sleep you should be getting (9:22)
  • How to support your mitochondria if your lifestyle is currently wearing down on its function (17:40)
  • Which foods could be wreaking havoc on your hormones, metabolism, and more (22:55)
  • The top nutrients that you will benefit from by adding into your daily diet (27:16)
  • Simple hacks to improve your mitochondrial function and healthspan (34:05)

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