#380: The Most Important Question You Need to Ask Yourself When Healing Any Disease with Andrea Nakayama

If You Want to Get Clear On Healing Your Disease, You Should:

  1. Understand and be firmly surrounding your own health and non-negotiables 
  2. Forgive yourself for past medical gaslighting and explore your options
  3. Stop looking for a quick fix by adjusting your mindset to slow thinking

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Episode Summary

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what are your health non-negotiables? As women, we need to get better at asking ourselves this question, especially when we are dealing with chronic symptoms or diseases. While every woman’s approach to healing is different, we all need to get clear on what is 100% true for us in order to heal our bodies and create agency over our health.

Creating Agency Over Your Health with Andrea Nakayama

As the host of the 15-Minute Matrix Podcast and the founder of the Functional Nutrition Alliance, Andrea Nakayama is leading thousands of students and practitioners around the globe in a revolution to offer better solutions to the growing chronic illness epidemic. By highlighting the importance of systems biology, root cause methodology, and therapeutic partnerships, she helps historically underserved individuals reclaim ownership of their health.

Dismantling Dysfunction

When dealing with a chronic health condition, it can be easy to get stuck in the ‘why me’ mentality. Andrea wants to challenge you to change your mindset and embrace your truth and the body you have been blessed with. 

Understanding what your unique body needs can be a process of trial and error, but it is only by getting to the bottom of what our body needs through our health non-negotiables that we can start to dismantle the dysfunction and more from a place of deficiency to sufficiency.

Your Body Does Not Need Another Quick Fix

Often in the medical field, we are faced with a quick-thinking approach. While this can be great for emergency situations, it does not target the needs of a chronic condition. Your health could require a slow thinking method, giving yourself time and permission to enquire about what is right for you and listen to the clues your body is giving you.

Tuning into your body may not be a ‘quick fix’, but it is a much more sustainable approach to your overall health and longevity. By gently re-evaluating what your body needs, you can understand and embrace the deep wisdom of your body that we all have within us.

Are you ready to get clear on your health non-negotiables and heal your disease? Share your thoughts and experiences with me in the comments below!


“My approach is what I like to think of as the three tiers, or the three roots. How do we work in our circle of influence so we are not just reliant on what the provider can recommend to us.”  (12:37)

“There needs to be a balance between what we are doing to support ourselves when we have those clues that something is right at the same time.” (21:55)

“I also think it is more important that we tune into ourselves than all the noise out there that is telling us to do things or take things or eat a certain way that isn’t necessarily right for us. That can be more triggering.” (23:14)

“Sometimes women, especially women looking for the ‘quick fix’, actually end up doing ourselves more harm than good by adopting principles that aren’t right for our body at that time.” (28:47)

“I really think that as patients we have to become partners in our own healthcare. We can’t be looking to our providers to be the God who is going to fix all and solve all. It is a partnership.” (43:26)

In This Episode

  • How to define your own non-negotiables in order to dismantle your dysfunction (11:40)
  • Why you should view nutrition as your key to moving out of your symptoms (21:14)
  • Tips for getting inquisitive about your symptoms and tuning into what your body is telling you (26:06)
  • Why feeling great for yourself can help you show up as who you want to be and find your purpose (30:01)
  • Three steps to own your health story and heal from medical gaslighting (33:07)
  • Why tracking can be the best way to help you understand your body (40:20)

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