#398: 3 Things You Do Every Day That Affect Your Hormones

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In This Episode:

Every single one of your daily activities and behaviors either move your body closer OR further away from hormone homeostasis.

This means that every decision you make can impact how you feel the rest of the day. 

In fact, it’s actually your hormones’ job to elicit actions on our cells and organ systems based on the input they receive from us living our daily life! 

Tune in to today’s podcast for 3 things we do every day that make the biggest impact on our hormones, PLUS 5 ways to keep levels in check–and learn:

  • How to notice when you are triggered 
  • How to focus on your senses and/or breathing
  • How to get BETTER sleep
  • The power of meditation, increasing progesterone, avoiding sugar and alcohol, and having good sleep hygiene 
  • The BEST supplements for deep, restorative sleep

Mentioned in This Episode

Magnesium RestoreThe Anxiety-Buster

Zen SleepThe Sleep-Restorer

Hormone BalanceThe Hormone-Balancer

Essentially Whole StoreYour Home for All-Things Healthy 

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