#437: Debunking Myths About High Blood Sugar That We’ve All Been Told

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In This Episode:

Like most kids, I grew up on an insane amount of sugar!

I started most days with a huge bowl of cereal and milk. And even as a young adult, I wasn’t concerned about high blood sugar or the metabolic impact refined carbs and sugar were having on my body.

I thought as long as I ate healthily and worked out, I would be fine. But now I know how wrong I was.

Catch today’s eye-opening podcast for a look into some of the biggest misconceptions about blood sugar that we’ve been taught–and learn:

  • What chronic high blood sugar does to your health
  • Why diabetes isn’t the only people who need to worry 
  • The difference between good carbs and bad carbs
  • Why your genetics don’t guarantee anything 
  • What your A1C levels are really telling you

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