#391: How I Use Blood Sugar Hacks to Enhance My Brain and Skyrocket My Energy Levels

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In This Episode:

I am convinced that energy is the ultimate currency when it comes to our health.

I’ve even surveyed over 65,000 women like you and over 90% of them agreed! The one thing they all wanted was to have more energy throughout the day–without the afternoon slump, cravings, and crash.

If you want to have enough energy to rock your job, PLUS still spend quality time with friends, family, or hobbies after work and on the weekends… This episode is for you!

Tune in to today’s podcast and find out my simple hacks to get super focused and energized for all the things you want to achieve, and learn:

  • How to normalize your sleep and get the best zzz’s of your life
  • The one exercise that every woman should be doing
  • What time to eat your dinner and what to do afterward 
  • Which energy-building supplements to take and when
  • How I’m using intermittent fasting to boost my brain and metabolism 
  • My go-to list of healthy foods and breakfast choices
  • The best way to start your day, every day

Mentioned in This Episode

Magnesium RestoreThe Anxiety-Buster

Zen SleepThe Sleep-Enhancer 

Adrenal LoveThe Energy-Booster

Vitamin D CompleteThe Immunity-Booster 

Activated B CompleteThe Nerve-Strengthener

Gluco Support – The Blood Sugar-Balancer

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