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5 Self-Love Rituals for More Energy, Intimacy, and Happiness

Chronic stress is one of the leading causes of disease—and can trigger everything from hormonal imbalances to illness, depression, weight gain, and more. But research shows that self-love is the BEST remedy. These 5 rituals will help you reduce stress and reclaim your energy, intimacy, and happiness.

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#45: Regenerating Your Sexual Health with The Sexual Soulmate Pact w/ Susan Bratton

Are you ready to spice things up but are having trouble feeling connected to your partner or getting yourself to want to have sex? A common problem for so many women, Susan Bratton struggled with her own intimacy issues before saying enough is enough and dedicating herself to revive the passion. The ‘Dear Abby of Sex’ and trusted sex advisor to millions, Susan acts as a champion for thriving relationships and rediscovering the power of great sex.

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