#469: Six Powerful Ways to Keep Your Brain Young and Clear

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Brain fog is the real deal and it hits women WAY harder than men. 

The symptoms can be debilitating, like forgetfulness, struggling to find words, inability to focus… And it only gets worse as we age.  

But it doesn’t have to! 

Catch today’s final show of 2022 for six super-powerful ways to keep your brain young and clear in the New Year–and learn:

  • How brain fog and cognitive decline can go hand-in-hand
  • Why women are affected more than men 
  • 6 all-natural ways to keep your brain young and clear in 2023
  • The BEST and WORST foods for your brain

Mentioned in This Episode

Gluco SupportThe Blood Sugar-Balancer

Zen SleepThe Sleep-Enhancer
Vitamin D Complete – The Sunshine-Vitamin

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