#486: What actually gets in the way of completing goals and How Can We Make True Lasting Behavioral Change? With Dr. Sasha Heinz

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Episode Summary

Are you tired of trying to set goals for yourself–only to fall short and feel like you’ve failed over and over again? 

Do you want to learn how to make meaningful, lasting changes in your life that don’t overwhelm you to the point of suffocation

Then this episode is the one for you! 

Join Dr. Mariza Snyder and Dr. Sasha Hines in this week’s interview as they discuss how many women  get stuck in a “hope vs. willpower vs. shame” cycle when it comes to creating goals for themselves. 

You’ll learn how to overcome these common roadblocks and take a better, more holistic approach to goal-setting that works for you. 


If a lifelong academic who spent a bajillion years (okay, 8) in an asbestos-laden, stuffy psych lab, and holds three Ivy League degrees, started a coaching practice —

You can bet your bottom dollar there’s something to it!

Since the day she broke free from that windowless, 5th floor at Columbia, Dr. Heinz has taught alongside and studied under some of the most influential psychologists in Positive Psychology.

Not only did she help to pioneer the psychological study of happiness, but made terms like “flow” and “grit” a part of the industry’s backbone. 

In This Episode

  1. Understanding why the willpower model fails 
  2. Identifying competing commitments 
  3. Reflection on what is at stake if the goal conflicts with something else such as a relationship 
  4. Being compassionate with oneself and honoring both commitments 
  5. Dismantling limiting beliefs 
  6. Relaxing into change instead of exerting pressure 
  7. Recognizing that one is worthy of feeling good and living a bigger life 

Resources Mentioned

Dr. Sasha’s Website

Dr. Sasha on Instagram

Work 1:1 with Dr. Sasha Heinz 

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