#490: Why We Crave The Foods We Crave and What We Can Finally Do About It with Dr. Amy Shah

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Episode Summary

We all want more of one thing: Energy

In fact, having MORE energy is by far the #1 most-common concern I hear among women. And why shouldn’t it be? Energy is the ultimate currency when it comes to our health, wealth, and happiness. 

That’s why I am so freaking excited to talk about Why We are So Effing Tired with my great friend, colleague, and super inspirational woman, Dr. Amy Shah. 

She’s going to address the issue of energy head on, explain many of the top reasons we are so tired, and show you how to take the first BIG Step toward more sustainable energy. ‘

If your life has been feeling crazy lately (I know mine has!), you WANT to hear our conversation on this week’s guest podcast.

It’s time to get back your energy and discover your best you yet. 

Double Board-Certified MD and Renowned Gut Health and Hormone Expert, Dr Amy Shah

Dr. Amy Shah is a double board-certified MD with training from Cornell, Columbia and Harvard Universities. 

She was named one of mindbodygreen’s Top 100 Women In Wellness to Watch in 2015 and has been a guest on many national and local media shows since. 

She helps busy people transform their health by reducing inflammation and eating more plants, utilizing the power of the microbiome to help digestion, natural hormone balance, and food sensitivities. 

She is an expert on intermittent fasting for women and the author of the new book, “I’m so effing tired.” 

In This Episode

  1. What is the deal with energy
  2. Why we are SO effing tired all the time 
  3. Steps you can take NOW for more sustainable energy
  4. The gut-brain connection 
  5. Key food choices to make AND break
  6. The future you is waiting

Resources Mentioned

Dr. Amy’s Website

Dr. Amy’s Book: I’m So Effing Tried

Work 1:1 with Dr. Amy Shah

Dr Amy on Instagram

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