#511: Can Everyday Stressors Lead to Estrogen Dominance?

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In This Episode:

Ever been super stressed out, overwhelmed, and rundown–needing more and more coffee just to make it through the day?

This may seem like a pretty general scenario… 

But if you regularly find yourself feeling this way, you could be struggling with adrenal fatigue, high stress, and even estrogen dominance

Catch today’s podcast to find out how stress can directly lead to estrogen dominance, as well as 10 simple hacks you can start using right away to get back on the path toward balance–and learn: 

  1. Signs you might be estrogen dominant
  2. How stress and adrenal fatigue affect your hormones
  3. Why estrogen skyrockets in times of stress
  4. Other top causes of estrogen dominance 
  5. My top 10 hacks for overcoming estrogen dominance 

Mentioned in This Episode

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