#508: What Is a Blood Sugar Spike Exactly and How Do They Happen?

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Many of the women I talk to have been asking… 

What exactly is a blood sugar spike, how do they happen, and why does it matter?

Aside from causing all kinds of disruptive symptoms, blood sugar spikes are like tiny daggers that wear down your cells, your body, your organs, and your brain. 

Catch this shortie for everything you need to know about these harmful events, including how to track your own glucose at home AND a few simple hacks stay balanced. 

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One Response to #508: What Is a Blood Sugar Spike Exactly and How Do They Happen?

  1. Jen April 4, 2023 at 4:43 pm #

    Hi, Thank you for many great takeaways from this episode. I am an endurance runner and T2 diabetic. I wear a CGM and work with a sports performance dietician who focuses on stable blood glucose for the best performance and overall health. Very few people are aware that blood glucose can rise during high effort exercise. Long easy runs usually do not cause a spike for me. But higher intensity and even warmer temperatures where my HR is higher will cause spikes. In fact, my most recent endocrinologist looked at my CGM data and accused me of forgetting that I ingested sugar before my runs with spikes. I’ve learned that this kind of spike is a different physiological response then one driven by ingesting carbs. You mentioned in todays episode this response being normal. I was wondering what your thoughts would be as to how exercise induced spikes effect overall AiC. As I run with a CGM for the first time in the warm weather season, I’m wondering if my AiC will increase due to these spikes. I’m better understanding of this effect to address it with my doctor, who doesn’t understand (or believe it)

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