#534: The Secret to Supercharging Your Energy, Connection and Life with Dr. Molly Maloof

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Episode Summary

Most chronic diseases– if not all– stem from mitochondrial dysfunction in our cells. 

So how can we address this metabolic crisis to prevent disease? 

Metabolic diseases emerge when mitochondrial energy capacity declines past 50%, which is the threshold for insufficient energy availability. Without enough energy, the body loses its ability to maintain its normal and healthy state. 

But it’s hard to understand exactly what goes on at this cellular level– and what we can do to change it

That’s why I invited Dr. Molly Maloof on the show today to discuss how women can optimize their mitochondrial health with the use of biohacking tools, nutrition, and a deep connection to change their health outcomes and health span.

Because at the end of the day, the goal is to live as young as possible for as long as possible. 

In this podcast, we dive deep into how blood sugar monitoring can be a powerful biohacking tool that provides real-time insight into your metabolic health. We also learn that prioritizing relationships is key to vitality and longevity.

We’ll talk about this… and SO much more as Dr. Molly helps us uncover the secrets to supercharging our connections and our energy. She’ll educate us on the factors that contribute to the women’s health crisis, and all we can do for our bodies to help overcome this. 

Plus, Dr. Molly opens up immensely about her journey and struggles through her own health battles and finding her path as a doctor. She’s incredibly knowledgeable in her field, and recently published a book called The Spark Factor, which dives more into optimizing mitochondrial health to become our best selves. 

If you want to develop personal growth, overcome fears, and discover the power of love and connection, this podcast is for you. 

This episode empowers women to take control of their health, and I can’t wait for you to join in. 

So listen now! 


Dr. Molly Maloof provides health optimization and personalized medicine to high-achieving entrepreneurs, investors, and technology executives. For three years, she taught a pioneering course on healthspan in the Wellness Department of Medical School at Stanford University. Before launching her own company, she was inspired by her own unique health philosophy.

Dr. Maloof is on the frontier of personalized medicine, digital health technologies, biofeedback-assisted lifestyle interventions, psychedelic medicine, and science-backed wellness products and services. And her new book– The Spark Factor– is available for purchase now. 


“[I said to myself], if your energy goes where your attention flows– then if my attention is on the intention of creating health, then there’s a really good chance that in ten years, I might be really healthy. And funnily enough, ten years later, I’m in great health, and I’m constantly optimizing.”

“It’s actually your connections that are what are going to keep you alive for longer, and we share information and resources with those that we care about and those that we actually feel safe with.”

“The more that I have optimized my own health, mind, body, and spirit, the more capacity I have to help other people and the more that other people have helped me.”

“There are so many things that are missed by modern medicine when it comes to gut health. So I always tell people, if you don’t optimize your gut, then you’re not going to be healthy.”

“Optimizing sexuality is a path to having better energy and having a better, higher capacity to do everything you want to do in your life.”

In This Episode

  1. Dr. Molly Maloof’s Journey to Becoming a Doctor, and what differentiates her as a Practitioner
  2. Mitochondrial Health and the Women’s Health Crisis 
  3. Connection as a Measurement of Success 
  4. The Neurobiology of Love
  5. Energy being Currency
  6. Fertility and biohacking reproductive health 
  7. Importance of Gut Health and Metabolic Optimization
  8. Why Sex is overlooked and how we can Biohack our Sexuality 
  9. Deep connection and intimacy to harness your sexual energy 
  10. The benefits of sex therapy and opening up about sexual history 

Resources Mentioned

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