#533: What I Wish I’d Known About Stress, Weight Resistance and Feeling Like Crap

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In This Episode:

As invincible as I thought I was and despite all the things I do right, I recently found out–the hard way–that I’m still human.

I reached a serious breaking point after introducing heavy weights/lifting into my workout routine at the same time I was preparing to launch my new Metabolism and Hormone Reset Course

My chronic fatigue was creeping back in for the first time in YEARS and making it hard to be the best mom, wife, and doctor ON TOP of everything else I had going on.  

Catch this week’s podcast to find out how my latest close call with overdoing it led to burnout–and learn:

  1. Why it happened
  2. How it affected my body, health, and life
  3. What I’m doing to overcome it
  4. PLUS, tons of stress-busting tips you can use, too!

Mentioned in This Episode

Adrenal LoveOptimize your stress response and power up your adrenals glands for an all-day energy boost with proven nutrients and adaptogenic herbs. 

Gluco SupportConquer cravings and stress-eating with my custom blend of science-backed herbs.

Magnesium RestoreGive your cells the energy they need to build muscle, regulate your blood sugar, and boost your metabolism. 

NEW Metabolism and Hormone Reset Course Available later this week–stay tuned! 

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