#542: Why Everyone Should Care About Their Glucose Levels and Research-Backed Strategies to Improve Your Glucose with Kara Collier

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Episode Summary

Keeping your blood sugar balanced allows you to optimize your metabolism, lets you feel alert and energized, and also prevents chronic illness and disease. 

But how do we make sure our blood sugar is in check? 

Kara Collier joins me today in my podcast as the creator of Nutrisense, a continuous glucose monitor that tracks blood sugar levels. And anyone can use Nutrisense! Now, you may have heard me rave about my love for continuous glucose monitors– or CGMs but why am I so passionate about such a little device?

With the feedback you get from a CGM, you can learn so much about what’s happening with your body in relation to your diet, lifestyle, and behaviors. 

When you use a CGM, you’re seeing the trends in your blood sugar levels in real-time, and you can get loads of useful insight into your metabolic health. 

Kara and I are here today to inspire you to take the leap and try a CGM. Because the information you get from it will change the trajectory of your health and your life. 

And Nutrisense isn’t just a CGM. With Nutrisense you not only get insight into what happens to your blood sugar levels, but you also get personalized guidance from a registered nutritionist. Trust me, the CGM paired with the technology of Nutrisense is absolutely game-changing. And I can’t wait for you to hear all about it.

So join Kara and me as we dive deep into the importance of keeping track of your blood sugar, and discuss ways to get off the blood sugar roller coaster.  

We offer you tools to help keep your blood sugar stable so you can boost your metabolism, and start to feel your best! Plus, I’ll give you a discount code so you can try Nutrisense for yourself, and you’ll get one month free of dietician support! Don’t miss this conversation, because it can truly make a world of difference in your health. 

Kara Collier 

Kara Collier is the co-founder and VP of Health at Nurtisense. Nutrisense is one of the fastest-growing wellness-tech startups in the US. As a Forbes 30 under 30 recipient, Kara has made it her mission to help others reach their full potential in health with technology and expert coaching. She’s a leading authority on the use of continuous glucose monitoring technology by non-diabetics. Kara is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist (LDN), and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (CNSC). Her specialties include glucose control and metabolism. 


“I recommend someone wear one [CGM] for a month. In an ideal scenario, I’d say three months, because that’s where I see massive behavioral change.” 

“The more progressive cognitive declining conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s are potentially driven or at least play a critical role in deregulated blood sugar and in insulin resistance over time.” 

“These are real-time disruptive symptoms that are an indicator that something isn’t right in terms of our energy processing systems within our cellular energy.” 

“The CGM is so profound. You really begin to listen to your body in a very different way, and you start to connect the dots.” 

“Walking is one of the first things that I’m doing to help support blood flow to my brain. I was so giddy and tickled by the benefits of walking post-meal just to help keep that blood sugar at a good reasonable place, especially if we ate a little bit later.”

In This Episode

  1. About Kara and her company Nutrisense 
  2. The detrimental effects of imbalanced blood sugar 
  3. Blood sugar spikes and insulin resistance 
  4. Balancing blood sugar for diet and sleep 
  5. How continuous glucose monitoring sparks behavior change 
  6. Tools and habits for keeping our blood sugar in check
  7. Meal timing for optimal blood sugar stability 
  8. The benefits of wearing a continuous glucose monitor 

Resources Mentioned

Get Your Nutrisense CGM HERE! 

*Use my code MARIZA for $30 off & 1 month of free dietitian support! 

Get My Ebook: 5 Hack to Blunt a Blood Sugar Spike 

Kara’s Instagram 

Discover the  Nutrisense CGM Program

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