#566: This Is What I Did to Finally Stop Operating in Stress, Overwhelm and Burnout with Dr. Mariza

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Overwhelm was once my default mode. 

And through the chaos in our lives, I KNOW you’ve felt your share of overwhelm, too. 

But guess what? Now… I DON’T. DO. OVERWHELM.

Ladies– this is possible! My life has drastically improved since this became my mantra.

Here’s the thing, you can change your health and your LIFE when you get crystal clear on how you want to feel. Once you have your feelings in place… you just have to take ACTION. Wondering how? 

In this podcast, you’ll learn exactly how I’ve overcome stress and burnout, discover simple steps toward becoming your best self, and find out all about how I can help you get there ASAP. Check it out here! 


  1. The impact my childhood had on preparing for pregnancy 
  2. How I used my mindset to shift my focus… and change my life
  3. Creating a crystal clear vision of your future self 
  4. Breaking free from limited beliefs and shifting your energy 
  5. All about my new course, Step Into Your Future Epic Health


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