#567: The Top 5 Pillars of Deep Restorative Sleep + How to Relax Your Nervous System and Reduce Anxiety Before Bed with Dr. Peter Martone

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Episode Summary

Why is it that some nights when we’re the most exhausted– our bodies just refuse to go to sleep? 

If you’re sick of the tossing and turning, I have a solution for you. 

Dr. Peter Martone joins me today to talk all about the best tools for a good night’s sleep. And some of his tips may surprise you! 

There’s more that you need to consider all day long to ensure the best sleep possible. Because without good sleep, we end up functioning in total zombie mode. (I know you know the feeling!)

So don’t miss this podcast where you’ll learn what position is the best for your sleep, how to adjust your bedtime ritual for optimal sleep, and secrets on what you can adapt in bed to get your deepest sleep yet! 

Check it out here! 

Dr. Peter Martone

Dr. Peter Martone is an educator, injury prevention specialist, and patient care health practitioner with over 23 years of experience. He uses chiropractic principles as his cornerstone to help people Get WAY Better Sleep. His techniques have been featured on CBS, NBC, Fox News, and over 60 international podcasts. 

In This Episode

  1. How the alignment of your spine impacts chronic conditions 
  2. Dr. Martone’s opinion on sleeping positions 
  3. The top reasons why people struggle with sleeping 
  4. How your sleeping position affects your restorative sleep 
  5. The most powerful tools for improving your sleep
  6. Tips for an ideal nightly ritual before going to bed 
  7. Adjusting your sleep for different seasons and time changes 
  8. Opinions on supplementation for sleep

Resources Mentioned

Take the Free Sleep Risk Assessment Here and get our 5 Pillars Of Sleep Download

Dr. Sleep Right Website

Dr. Martone’s Instagram 

Dr. Martone’s Facebook Page
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