#565: How to Live in a State of Ease and Flow vs. Overwhelm and Resentment + Reclaiming Your Aliveness with Alexi Panos

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Do you want to feel more alive? 

Feel more pleasure in your body? 

Be more connected to your LIFE? 

With how much we have on our plates as women, sometimes it feels like we’re losing ourselves. 

But I brought my friend Alexi on the show today to guide us on reclaiming our aliveness. 

And trust me, you won’t want to miss this. 

Reclaiming yourself starts in your nervous system. But you have to know HOW to tap into it to truly connect to your deepest self.

Girl, you deserve this. It’s time for you to feel like the ULTIMATE version of yourself.  Ready to start? Check it out here! 

Alexi Panos

Alexi is a Master Leadership and Embodiment trainer. She supports women in reclaiming their power and embodying feminine essence in Awaken the Muse. She hosts the Top 10 Self Improvement Podcast UNLEASHED. She’s a business strategist, author, creative filmmaker, and humanitarian (through her organizations E.P.I.C. and The Sisters Society). 

In This Episode

  1. How Alexi has learned to balance it all  
  2. What our struggles are telling us
  3. Nervous system regulation & somatic work
  4. Prioritizing key components of our lives 
  5. Reframing our life for more joy and connection
  6. Proactive steps for reclaiming your aliveness

Resources Mentioned

Sign up for the Future Epic Health Course HERE

Awaken the Muse Program 

The Bridge Experience 

Unleashed – Alexi’s Podcast 

Alexi’s Instagram

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